Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Paddy Day Event! 3/17/18

The Paddy Brothers want to pass on your giant thank yous to you all for making the Paddy Pot of Gold event such a success! You heard their meows on helping us with being ready for the 2018 incoming kittie needs and you answered their pleas. We are all so grateful. Here's how the event tallied up yesterday!

First, the Paddys spent much of the day napping in preparation for their presentation! There was also time spent grooming themselves and getting all fancied up for their viewer friends! 

We started out with opening  BOXES!  This is always exciting to us because it means supplies (and Catathon items) have arrived! Big thanks.

Kathy831 & Lollymop - Cathathon:Spa Basket: Pumice Stone, Facial Mask, Manicure Set Massager with 5 heads, Mango Sugar Scrub, Pedi Perfect callous remover

Dimwit-- 18 Cute Kitty rings 
Kathy831 & Lollymop - magnetic clips & Pet Grooming Glove for FFRC
Auntie Sonia for Vernie - 6 boxes Bondi Licks
Lostgirl - 2 pks Thank You Notes w/envelopes, 4 shopping bags

Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie - for Janiecat or whoever needs it - 2 - 36x27 comfy beds and a Panda Blankie

Glen & Kathy R  PA  - Lots of Weight Circles 
Linda & Bill/BilliebobLindasue & Kitties  MI  - Kitty Card
BillieK - Kitty Card - Stamps, stamps and more stamps, weight circles and 4 Chicken $5
Ray & Rosanna CA - St Patricks Card
Dottie & James & family - NE  Birthday Card
Elskates/Eleanor & Joe with Natasha & Savannah CT - Birthday Card

Marie Iowa Catlady & The Magnificent 7/Phoenix, Walter Payton, Robie, Yoga, Singer, Jabberwocky

Zeeba-IA for Zelda - Kitty Card 
Visitors Brenda & Craig - WA - Kitty Card & Donation for FFRC

And then the Paddy Brothers showed themselves as the Irish cats they are, complete with their special St. Paddy's day hats and decorations!  While they were a little figidty on the table, they did quite well! They had been promised snackers which of course they received! 

Every person who donated to this Paddy event will receive a sprocket picture of the Paddy Brothers and a labeled glass vial of their fur (unless otherwise directed)!  Enjoy--these will start going out on Monday.

And then we had thank you items! 
2--$100 gift certificates went to two of our viewers for use at a flash sale, fun-raiser or PawMart
Double Paddy Photo by Hazel--Soonergirl, Emma & Erin, William/Zorro
Autographed Paddy Photo--Raspbearyjam
Tube of Gold Flakes--Izabird (a very special item!)

Other gift winners: Friskie, Evie, Kikimycat, Kimcost, BrendaLo, Newfiedogmom, Anita355, Bellabelle & family, Causeforreflectn, Doseoflove85, Vanessa & Eric, Laura So, Judeannlee, Momcatt9

And then, here's the real scoop that we were so happy about!!  We received 756 coins to go into the Pot of Gold! Wow, wow, wow---that comes to $3,780.

And then the wonderfulness of Bumper-Uppers happened!  Many thanks to each one of you for giving our total a push up!  I am grateful!  After the total of our Bumper-Uppers happened, our total was boosted to $4,385.  This is just fantastic! 

We mentioned a few items that this will help us to purchase for the incoming needs of kitties.  Just to mention a few:  kitten vaccines (3 different kinds), antibiotics (we use 6-7 different kinds, for various reasons), dry kitten food, syringes, hand disinfectants, floor disinfectants, baby wipes, eye meds--the list goes on and on! We can do this all now!

This event was our mods creation---many thanks to them!

To wrap up the event, we showed some new kittens that were received just yesterday. They are 4-5 weeks old. There are 5 of them--3 greys, 1 torti and 1 gold tiger. All very sweet and round! They are now in the back Thumper's Room, in the top two condo pens. They are young but eating good and of course, napping alot. Their mama will be here next Saturday to be spayed. We would've liked to keep them with mama for a bit yet, but the situation turned out that it was better to keep the kittens here now.  They will get their names soon--more info as soon as we can! 

Thanks again to everyone for your support of this special event. Please know that you are all so very appreciated. You all are important to FFRC and help mold us in the direction that we are going. The Paddys of course too are thankful. I imagine they will be napping most of the day!! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Yes, today is Paddy's Day.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  Just ask Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr!  They are both here on my desk in a deep sleep, in preparation for their "showing" this afternoon! Join the fun of BOXES at 4:00. Then at 4:30 is the showing of the Paddy O'Brothers, followed by the rest of the festivities! 

The move has happened! Bert, Aleda, Congo and Ashley have moved up to Cat's Corner Room in the Main Area. They had their first night there along with the friendship of Ramsay! He liked it but he wouldn't share his pink bunny---nope, that's all for Ramsay! Neve and Nedda still go back in Cat's Corner Room for an extra nap and food! This morning, the four little ones had their door opened for about an hour. They went everywhere! Including up, up and more up!  And then, the inevitable meowing for help to get down!  So, they would be lifted down and guessed up, up they went again!  Oh, the fun of kittens!  

We then moved Emma Jane down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. The wonderful blue pool was also put on the floor with nice thick blankies. Her 4 babies went into the pool then.  They are only 3 weeks but they think they are much older. They are already trying to get over the edge! Erica was the first one to go up and over. We have the cam on them for your viewing pleasure! If you see one get out, it's fine.  We're in there enough to replace them back in the pool or Emma Jane can also put them back in. She is one awesome mama--so laid back. Such a love of a cat. 

Grizzabella and Grace are everywhere now. They fit right in to the routine here in the Main Area--they love to play and run and pester the cats!

We had BOXES yesterday! Awesome, wonderful boxes!
Lost Girl - For Catathon---Misc. Ceaner Kit Erasers, Storm Proof Matches, 16 Kindling Fire Starters, Storm Proof Match Kit

Anony - Garden or Outside Prettiness - Metal Moon & Sun For Catathon
Anony - Garden: Stand Up Weeder for Catathon
Anony - Peace Pole 3' Peace Love Sunshine, Sun & Sand for Catathon
Dimwit/Robert D - Needles Variety sizes

Stripey & Dave - Kitty Thank You Card & Donation
Cat Crazy toys, 2 pull ??? (food), Lots of Sheba Meaty Sticks, DVD of FFRC Kitties

Barb E - 6 pretty blankies for Pawmart
Aleda - Designer of FFRC forms and PR material - 10,000 new business cards!!!
Craig M & Brenda K - Hello Kitty Couch and Hello Kitty Blankie, & a Hello Kitty Chair
Plee - 2 reams of color paper for printer
Jude & Phil - Spade for Jacci for Birthday     LOVE it!!
Tina - Soft Kitty bed
Kelly S - ProPlan Weight Circles
Diane/Ruffles - Kitty St. Patricks Day Card
Frances B/Willow - UK  Photo of Williow and Kai watching FFRC  Note & Donation
Sarah, Contessa's daughter - Beautiful drawing she made of a cat!

I would like to thank Mudjie for being the Main Catetary--she does an awesome job for FFRC!

And we have more thanks to give!
Lynne JW--donation to FFRC
Debbie M--donation in memory of Catmandude
Tammy G--donation for FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

We all love to have fun and laugh! Well, the cats have done it again! Another Giggles Scene #20 is ready for your enjoyment! And it's directed by King Derecho! Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.  Derecho extends a thank you for all those 2 leggeds that help him! 
Check it out at:

If you have any Weight Circles that you are saving for FFRC, could you please send them in asap?  The rules are changing soon!  Making it a bit harder for us, but we can do this!  Soon, you will also need to send in the receipts along with the weight circles.  Here's what will need to be included on that receipt:
Retailer's Name/Logo
Date of Transaction
Time of Transaction
Total Amount of transaction
All participating Purina products along with their corresponding price
There goes another gold coin rolling on the floor. Paddy Cake quickly peeked his eye opened and looked at it.  I'm quite sure when he gets down from his nap, he'll tuck that gold coin into his pocket too for the baby season!  See you all this afternoon for the fun! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A little green here and a little green there.  The Paddy Boys have raided the paint cabinet of the green paint.  I found out thru King Derecho that they are/were planning on doing some painting.  When asked about it to the Paddys, their answer was "don't know anything about that".  But....I'm wondering.........   We better all be on guard! 

We had BOXES yesterday. I am so very grateful for these gifts to FFRC.  We were low on Clorox/lysol wipes---and they have appeared during Boxes.  We were low on Kitten Fancy Feast--and some has also appeared at Boxes. And paper towels--we are now restocked too.  My heart is grateful to you all for helping us with the supplies and for getting us started for Catathon! 

Contessa:  2 large bags of Good and Plenty (1 for Steve, 1 for Vols.), 3 packs of  Sheba tender stick treats, card with Tiramisu whiskers.

Dimwit:  Several packs of syringes and needles for meds, 2 kitty cat rings, 3 packs of China seeds.

Tori and Chris (Tx) :  From Stark Raving Cat Hmong Mini-Pinata filled with scatter 
           balls, pompoms, catnip coins, bag of catnip. 
Ferole P :  3 framed photographs (1) sparrow in flowers, (1) Day Lilies, (1) tree
Erin K. (Tenn):  120-13 gal trash bags, 70-30 gal trash bags, Large bag of  Rese's eggs, 120 piece bag of assorted candies, pack of  Papermate pens, 2 cases (30 cans) of Fancy Feast.

Anonymous:  From Chewy, 5 cases FF Kitten White Fish and 5 cases of  FF Kitten Turkey. 
Diane B. :  Several Purina Weight Circles, and 6 Paw Points.
Plee:  Paw Points and Purina Weight Circles.
Shar T.:  2 Easy fill syringes for meds or feeding
Laura (PawnFins):  Postcard    Cute!
Andrea F. (Cal):  Purina weight circles and a donation.
Jody (Jobear):  Split Rock Lighthouse photo card, Several weight circles and 2 Chicky $5.
Kelly R. (Littleonemine):  Wild Horse Birthday Card.
Gusti (Rose):  Peacock Birthday Card and 3 small birthday cards.
A Loyal Lurker:  43 Purina Weight Circles, in honor of Sissy, Bandit, and Dusty.
Johns Manville Co.:  A donation of $500.00
Melissa L (NY):  donation to FFRC
Marilyn and Terry B.:  Chicky $5, and an article for Jacci.
Tina:  a bag of 12 toy mice with noise makers
Anonymous:  QVC Thompson chocolate, 3 bags of bunnies, 3 bags of eggs.
Annie and Debbie:  5 pack large Chlorox wipes.  
David and Pat:  framed canvas photograph of a sailboat at sunrise.
Frankie (Orange Grove): From Easyology Pets, cat pizza with catnip toy toppings.

Randy/Janice (Pennysmomhawaii):  Boxtops for Caryn, 2 Hello Kitty Hawaii stickers, a picture of beautiful Penny and $5 Chicky.

Donnie and Kathy L (WV):  Card displaying their family pets, 10 kitties and 2 dogs.  3 gift cards for Amazon.

Clark and Jessie: St. Patrick's Card & $5 Chicky, and a Birthday Card for Oliver & $5 Chicky.

Anonymous Friend-- Garden tool caddy filled with tools and knee pads for Garden Basket.
Anonymous:  From Custom Auto Cruise, Butterfly reversible windshield shade.
Hatmaker:  3 handmade afghans (1) pink and white for Baby Girl Basket, (1)
              blue and white for Baby Boy Basket, (1) Multi colored.
BillieK:  From Dillards:  Set of 4 cocktail napkins w/mint design, Set of 4 Fiesta Placemats, Marble cup w/copper edging for bath, Soap dispenser,  Canister w/Lid for Bath, Berry Basket. 

Thanks for getting us started on our 2018 Catathon adventure! It's going to be an exciting Catathon!

We have more thanks too!
Billie K--donation in memory of beautiful Joyful.
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation in memory of Joyful for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Anonymous friend--donation in memory of Joyful
Fran D--donation in memory of sweet Joyful.
Judy & Phil--donation for FFRC

Tomorrow is the Paddy's St. Paddy's Day. They are very excited as they know they get to wear their fancy hats! I thank you all for the gold coin $5's coming in. This event ends at 9:00 am tomorrow.  There's still time to send in your $$ for gold coins! This event supports the care and needs of 2018 baby season! 

Our sweet Catmandude has gained his angel wings. He passed this morning early. This was very difficult. His left rib cage was severely deformed, interfering with his lungs and heart. Such a difficult thing. He will be very missed but knowing he is now comfortable brings peace. 

His brother and 2 sisters will very soon be here in the Main Area--will go to Cat's Corner Room first. Ramsay will have some sharing time with them for night time sleeping. Then Emma Jane will come down on the floor in the Back Thumper's Room.  The 4 babies will go into the blue pool. This "changing of the cats" will happen today.

Hensley is at the vet's office today. He needs some dental work done.  A while ago he had 2 K9's that needed removed as they were fractured. Normally the other two K9's don't cause any trouble but in his case, they are a botheration.  These two teeth keep poking his gum and causing soreness. So, today they will be removed. And he will be a happier Hensley!

Fiesta Asta Sparkle--her name has grown--is doing great. She is starting to meet and greet people at the door. She's turning on her charm! We're still working on coaxing Whitney and Jillian to stay in the Main Area. They like to float back to the Welcome Room at times. Seems like Annetta has decided the Welcome Room is her domain. She loves to be petted by the visitors. 

Take care and have a good Thursday. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

Grab a chair and a snacker--this is a long blog. 

Sweet Lucie---what a special cat she is. She so loves people and will stay in a lap forever. While her CH is severe, her determination to do things herself is extremely high. She gets place to place by herself but always appreciates a lift (because that means cuddle holding!). Lucie has such sleek black fur. One of her favorite things to to eat! That cat, even though she is a bit thin, sure can eat! She needs her bib though as her food tends to get "displayed" everywhere! But, when you can feed yourself, that is ok with us! If you come and visit, be sure to give her some lap time!

We had BOXES yesterday. And I mean A LOT OF BOXES! It was wonderful and deeply appreciated. Very humbling and exciting for me! We are also starting to receive items for Catathon!

Lollymop - Case of Fancy Feast, 6 cans of Lysol wipes, 12 rolls of Bounty paper towels

Jeanette B - TN and the Furhaven Kitties -  St Catricks Day musical card,  homegrown Catnip, 2 bags Kit n Kaboodle Treats for Paddy Purr & Paddy Cakes, Temptation Snackers for Magic and a bag of red fuzzy balls.  Pair of "Popcorn" socks for Jacci (wearing them today!)

Aleda - Designer of FFRC's Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, & Adoption applications  - 2 boxes of glue dots

Jatcat - Spare Logitech Cam
Debbie & Annie - 24 cans Fancy Feast Kitten, 6 cans of Chicken, 24 rolls Paper Towels
Craig M & Brenda K - Hello Kitty Blanket
Kathy831 - 2 Tin openers and 3 Burp Plus utinsels, Pretty Blue Rug Runner

Contessa & family--20 washcloths, Frito box for vols, Sparkle PT, gal of vinegar, Reese Egg (thanks!), Gal. Mr. Clean, case of Fancy Feast

Diane & Bruce L - OH with Chase - Note and Chicken $5, Photo of Chase and 2 Fleece pillowcases

Yvonne Vdk - 2 Cases baby food, Cases Royal Canin BabyCat
Tina - round pokie dotted Kitty Bed
Sarah S & Azuma - Jacci's B-Day Kitty Socks
Dim/Robert D - 2 pill cutters
Anony - strong magnetic basket for flyers

Kristin R - OH  Donation in memory of her kitty Chloe.
Lots n Lots of snackers, Huge assortment of wet food, 2 Kong toys, Balls and Bag of Reeses

Janet & Randy _ - box of Dove Milk Chocolate, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Sandra E - 9 cans Lysol Wipes, 24 rolls Paper Towels
LJ323 - 15 cans Clorox Wipes, case of Paper towels
Susan 345 - 9 cans Lysol Wipes

Elaine & Alan B - FL  3 24 ct. cases Friskies, 1 case appetizers, 1 case Fancy Feast, 2 bags Dr. Elsies Litter

Lannml - CATATHON: Radar Cutlery:  assortment of Stainless  Steel knives, peelers, spatulas , slicers, & sharpener..   Super nice items

Anony - CATATHON: Things to start an Herb Garden, Heirloom seed, Knee Pads & Hori Hori Garden Knife for the Garden Basket

Phyliss B & Kitties  Card with a note & lots of note pads  CATHATHON:  23 DVD's a variety!
Lost Girl CATATHON:  Variety of item from Bath & Body Works "At the Beach"  
Nuthatches CATATHON:  Spear Headed Spade for Garden Basket

Hencass CATATHON:  5 Boxes of food items from Troyers Country Market
including a variety of Soups, Pie Fillings, Jams, Sauces, Relish, Popcorn, Candy, Salsa, Olives, Pickles, Kraut & Bean Salad  All are yummy!!

Our St. Paddys Gold Pot is awaiting your coins! Many many thanks. This fun-raiser will help us with the incoming wee ones to meet all of their needs. The coins are $5 each--you can give as many coins as you'd like! This fun-raiser has lots of things to give back to the donors. We will be drawing names from the Pot for those items.  Please help us with this! It ends at 9 am on Friday, with the festivities beginning at 4:00 pm on Friday!  The Paddy O'Brothers are super excited!

An update on the 4 white and 1 black/white kittens--their energy level seems to be a bit better. Yesterday, they were syringe fed 6 times during the day. Their weights and appetites are low. We want to pump them up and get them on to being able to play more like little kittens. Aleda is doing the best of the 5. 

Grace is now in the Main Area. What a sweetie. Whitney is a funny girl. Sometimes she comes up to the Main Area, plays like a total kitten and acts so silly. Then she wants to go back to the comfort of the Welcome Room.  I think she and Annetta are good friends! 

We have more thanks to give:
William M--donation to FFRC
David & Julie P, from UK--donation to FFRC in memory of sweet Trucker
Lana H--donation to FFRC

Please know that this is very hard for me to relay on to you.  We had a very sad day yesterday. It is with a very heavy heart to tell you that our sweet Joyful has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.  This has been very difficult for us. It was noticed that Joyful had a spot on the outside of her cheek on Monday. After giving her a sedation so as not to stress her, it was realized that she had a large cancer growth on the ​inside of her mouth. ​After conferring with Dr. Darcy, the decision was made to let her go on, while she was still sedated.  In the best interest of Joyful's comfort zone, it was decided not to pursue surgery and follow up treatments. This would not have been to her liking.  Plus her age was a factor. Joyful arrived here when she was 10 years old. She was just a bit short of being 16 years old. Joyful came from a hard background--drugs were involved and abuse. She was always safe here and it was a privilege to earn her trust. Most mornings she would be at the top of my desk, watching me work--I always enjoyed that. This beautiful girl will be so very missed. Thank you all for caring about Joyful.

Another thought on this--when you take your pet in for a physical, always ask for a check in the mouth.  Joyful had a physical recently and her teeth were checked. Nothing abnormal was seen. These mouth tumors can sometimes grow so quickly. It's so important to be aware of how important this is during a physical for your pets. 

We had another adoption.  Shirley Mae went to her new mom. She's actually the sister to the lady who adopted Taia and Wendy! When these two cats came into the household, the sister (who lives upstairs) had a "wanting" to have a cat for herself! I believe Shirley Mae will fit that need very nicely--big windows, lap to nap in, and a quiet home! Taia and Wendy have settled in nicely too!

I’ve been asked for suggestions for Catathon. I have to admit, the first time I saw the word Catathon on the cam, it gave me a bit of a start. But…’s really not that far away, is it?! The date for 2018 is June 24, Sunday. This will be our 8th Catathon!

You say----what is Catathon?  Well, it’s our biggest Fun-Raiser of the whole year! It’s like a huge bidding auction that lasts all afternoon—with bids on Baskets and Big Ticket Items. It’s a lot of fun! It all happens right on the cam! Baskets usually have a theme while the Ticket items are usually a single greater item. This event supports FFRC—we have specific goals for what is made at the Catathon.  These goals will be put out there soon!

Our Catathon is like a Telethon. We have 7 phone lines going all afternoon, using the 419-393-2400 number. There will be 7 Rounds of baskets. We inter-mix the Big Ticket Items in the Rounds. In 2017, we had 43 Big Ticket Items and 39 individual Baskets! Each round will last 25 minutes. During that time, the phone rings with bids! At the end of each round, the highest bid wins!

And then……there’s even more! The week before Catathon, we will have a Fun-Raiser. The items in this are all designated for the Catathon too!  The winners will be announced during the Catathon.

The ideas can be repeats of years past or new ideas. What is so wonderful is that in the past, folks have helped with sending in items for the Catathon! That means the amount that is made at Catathon can be put directly onto our needs!
We are wide open for suggestions for the Baskets! Here’s some ideas/suggestions (some are new, some are repeats that have done well in the past). But….truly, new ideas are always welcomed. For those that are newbies, you are welcome to help with any Basket—some people do a whole basket, some like to pitch in and add to a variety of Baskets! Or to send in items for the Big Ticket Items! We’re so flexible and make anything work!

Vera Bradley
Laural Burch
Dog Items
Sock it to me!   (socks, fun socks, fuzzy socks, etc.)
Prepare with Survival Food
Movies (DVD) and Snackers
Lego Builders
Barbie Dolls & Accessories
African Safari
Crochet & Knitting
Kitty Cat Items
Bird Feeders
Spa/Pamper Yourself
Angels Amongst Us (any angel items)
Poklie Dot Items
Friendship Forever --  Friend type of items!
Fishing—Hook, Line & Sinker
Horsin’ Around

As you can see, there’s all sorts of ideas!  For the Big Ticket Items, just to give you an idea, in the past we have had……Garden Poles, Kuranda Towers, cameras, Echo Dot,  xBox, American Girl Doll, Lodge cookware, Wind Chimes, Stain Glass Item, ---it’s such a wide range of items!

 We are hoping all Catathon Items can be at FFRC by May 17th.  I know that seems early, but a lot has to happen after that!  SonJa and Jenni C has major work to do—pictures have to be taken of every item and a description in detail is also done. This all takes time to do. Then, all this information has to be put into the website, which is very time consuming. After that is done, our viewers and friends needs time to go over all of the items before the event!  So many decisions to make!! If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

It had to happen.  Two of the 3 monitors that I use are now raised up about 6 inches! There's always a sea of cats playing or napping on top of the desk.  My head is always bobbing up and down and sideways trying to see past the cats---now I don't have too. And actually, now there's room for a couple more cats! Love it!

We have thanks to give!
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Napa--donation in memory of our chatter Dutch Cat
Amy G, founder of Tsakani--towels, wipes and paper towels

We also had a wonderful visit on Saturday by the Librarian of Tinora Elementary School, grades 2-6. They recently had a Right to Read Week. Their theme was Paws to Read. The students were asked to bring in items for the local shelter and FFRC. Wow--what an awesome load of items they brought!
They collected: towels, bags of dry cat food, paper towels, tuna, salmon, kitty snackers, baby food, wipes, cleaners, office supplies, sponges, toys, batteries, kleenex, napkins, canned food! Wow!  Many thanks to these students for caring!

The new Got Cats shirts have arrived! They will start being sent out this week! They really are awesome. Many thanks to Megan, our volunteer,  for creating these shirts!

We had two adoptions yesterday. Little Wendy and Taia went to a home together. A lady picked them up, as a surprise to her husband who longed for cats in the home again! I'm quite sure these two cats will give them much entertainment. And they both will have a lap for snuggling and napping in! I understand the sister to the lady (who lives in an upstairs apartment at the home), is desiring a cat now too............maybe another one?!

This time the cats were caught! It had been very quiet in the rescue center, which is fairly unusual. So, I went into the purple office to see what was going on.........and there they were--Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr and about 15 others of the self-proclaimed cat bosses. They had gold coins all over the floor!  I quickly shut the door behind me and said it was time to fess up what was going on. I could tell they were soooo excited. Derecho was bouncing!  And here's the scoop, straight from Paddy O'Purr and Paddy O'Cake. Yes, you did all know they have some Irish blood in them, right?!

Here's the Boys message:  The Paddy Bros are searching for their Pot of Gold. Since they arrived here as 1 day old kittens, they are well aware of what it takes to raise kittens. They had been sick wee babies and received much medical care. They want to find their ancestors' Pot of Gold. The reason---they want to contribute to the need of being prepared for the upcoming kitty season and for other needs.  Paddy O'Purr and Paddy O'Cake have put on their leprechaun caps and are searching for their Pot! I felt bad about telling the Brothers that the Pot doesn't already come filled up. They promptly looked at each other and said--we need help from our viewer friends! They would like to ask if you all can provide a coin(s) to their pot!

Here's how they have it figured out. At first, they were planning on personally visiting all of you but I told them they couldn't leave the building--it's a rule!  Hmmmm, fiddle dee dee---on to their next plan: They are asking if you would like to donate a $5 coin(s) to stock their Pot! All are invited to help! The $5 coins will go towards helping with kitten inventory needs, medical needs for the bairn kittens, new surgical clippers for their spays/neuters, incoming spring load of Dr. Elseys cat litter and an upgraded stethoscope.

It's  a fun way to help--you can send in any $5 spots for the Pot. For each individual person helping, your name will be put on a gold coin and be placed in the Pot! This starts Tuesday the 13th at 12:01 am and ends at 9 am on Friday the 16th.  In the afternoon on Friday, we will do BOXES at 4:00 with the showing of the Paddy O's at 4;30, all dressed in their green finery! Cheers to them and to you! And then after the O' Brothers are done being admired,  we will draw some coins out of the Pot. Each person drawn will win a fantastic, awesome gift!  There's lots of them!  And then, by the promise of a 4-leaf clover, there is a container of real flaked GOLD--another name will be drawn to receive this! The Brothers have also figured out that another name shall be drawn--this person will receive a special autographed picture of the Irish Paddy fellas!

And yet, there is more! Wow--Top of the Morning to you all, with this extra addition! The Paddy boys are insisting that each individual person that donated even one coin, will receive a sproket picture of the boys in their greeneries and a bit of their fur in a glass bottle! Wow--they are thrilled to do this!

And here's a bit of blarney too! Oh my, these Paddy O'Boys are really having fun! They have decided that the top 2 coin donors will each receive a $100 certificate to be used for future fun-raisers, flash sales or in the Paw-Mart store!  May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Okay--now to keep the cats calm until Tuesday when the $5 coins can start coming in! How exciting this is! Slainte/cheers to you all! There is also a special video the Paddy O'Boys helped put together for this event---

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

We had BOXES twice this week! We are truly blessed and fortunate to heave the support that we do. We are grateful.

Judy & Phil - 2 Rolls Paper Towels, Potty Bags, 2 flat Kitty Beds, case of Halo 
Justin & Ivy - DE  For Ramsay & Friends--Bag of mylar balls, Case 32 ct. Friskies
Gem - 100 organza bags to put thangs in
mls/Linda - 1,000 spoons
Annie & Debbie - Case Royal Canin Baby Cat, 2 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Justin L - Gallon of Mr. Clean
Robert D - Gallon of Mr. Clean
Tina-- Kitty Cave bed in Thumpers Room for the new little ones
Tom C - IL  Donation for FFRC
Laura S - 2 Chicken $5
Painteddaisy/June - Magnet for fridge

Dimwit/Robert D - 6 black Sharpies, Bag of Pania Flakes, 2 Big Soft Kitty Beds , 9 Travel Lint Brushes, Box full of Betascept scrub

Anony - Tiny Golden Books (in our little bathroom!)
Annie & Debbie - For Flash Sale, 3 Cat in the Hat Keychains & 5 Kitty Keychains
Frankies Orange Grove - Magnet Basket for Promotional material
Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast

TacoCat - Turbo Scratcher, (for Covies), X scratcher, Box of 30 Assorted Candy Bars, 2 Tubs Party Mix, 2 boxes 24ct Meow Mix Cups, case of 24ct. Friskies

Kelly R/Littleonemine - CA   3 bags of Freeze Dried Chicken for the Covies, Porchies, Fire & Barn Cats, Coupons for Dr. Elsies Products, Right Meow Memo Pad, 3 boxes of Good and Plenty

Anony - Catnip Turbo Hurricane, Catnip Dynamite & Fish toys
Jill R - 10 pkgs 200 ct 9" plates (2000)

We have taken on another cat.  She's a beautiful soft buff and white female. Her name is Jillian (a Name a Cat Name). She's about 1 1/2 years old, making her birthday 9/3/16.  She was found on a doorstep. The lady who brought her in really likes her but cannot keep her in her apartment. She's a real sweetie.

Grace is starting to be interested in what is beyond the front Thumper's Room area. Won't be long until she and Jillian will be in the Main Area.

You probably know, our 7 kittens in the back have really been lagging in their eating. But....yesterday, they were only syringed twice. They are showing more energy and a desire to eat. Hoping we're all on the good side now for these 7 kittens. 

Incredible......just found a gold coin on my desk.  Not sure how this has suddenly appeared,  but no one is telling me yet what is going on!  I know Lucie, Bonnie, Paddy Purr, Spiker and Magic have been here already visiting my desk top. Maybe I can bribe them with a sardine to tell me what's going on! 

Grizzabella has been playing with Neve and Nedda--it's so nice when a newbie makes friends and feels comfortable. 

Coralie made another trip to visit mom yesterday. She and Shamballie touched noses--and that's all there was to that! He went back to his patio doors to watch the peacocks.  

Eddie White simply astounds us all.  He is quite comfortable on my desk but not always here. When we go find him to check on him, he may be in the Kabana Room or the Kitty Campus Room--sleeping on the big flower on the countertop! He looks quite comfy. He even let a visitor pet his back yesterday! He's just amazing! I think back on how long it took our Joey to finally adjust. This seems to be the same case with Eddie White! And we're happy about it!

We have some holds on the kittens in the back Thumper's Room. But....of course, they have to stay until they are spayed or neutered.  It will all happen! 

12 more days to spring. I know many of you have been socked by winter weather this week. Stay safe and know that the spring days are close to arriving! I saw a few bulb flowers sticking their heads about 2 inches above the ground yesterday. The farm animals will be very happy to see full sunshiny days too! Take good care. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The numbers are adding up! We had another Humane Ohio surgery day today. I am always so pleased to have high numbers get transported. The owners of these cats have to be here between 5:30-6:00 am.  It's early, but yet they still come! And they will all be back for pick up! 

Today we sent 42 cats to Humane Ohio.  This breaks down to 25 females and 17 males. We also have used 2 vouchers--both for males.  Our grand 2018 now for 2018 is 193>112 spays and 81 neuters. At this time in 2017, we were at a total of 134. Love getting these cats fixed!

And we have thanks to give!
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David Deen--donation to FFRC
Hallie Gruver--donation to FFRC

Remember Toto that was adopted in Jan.? He's doing wonderful. His new mama has reported that he and Carlton are even napping together now!

Scotia was here a couple days ago--had to have his nails trimmed and his last vaccine. His new house friend is Prince and they too are doing great--playing and napping together!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye--have you checked into our new Instagram?  You should! The site is

And while you're there looking up that, you can also check into our twitter site at              Enjoy them both!

What are those goofy looking things the cats are eating out of?!!  Why, those are feline foraging toys! They are simply another way to obtain their dry food. They have to work a bit to figure each item out--how to retrieve the food. Can you guess who was the first one yesterday? Of course---it was Elsie! We have different kinds  of these foraging toys. Right now, we have snackers in them, but will go over to the dry food (after picking up 1 of the dry food bowls). A different way to play and to eat--will spark their minds (although Elsie certainly doesn't need sparking!). 

Our fairly new girl has a name. Grizzabella. She's the black tiger/white that was in an abandoned house for 1 week.  It took her a few days to know she was safe. And now, she's in the back Thumper's Room with the kittens back there! She knows how to play!

We also took on another new kitten. This one is a real cutie too--a black and white one. Her name is Grace and is 17 weeks old. Grace has a birthday of 11/6/17. She's still in quarantine but is already "asking" to be down to play.  Soon, Grace, soon. She had been dumped at someone's house and ended up at a volunteers home. 

This morning there was a cluster of cats in the purple office. They looked like they were up to something so of course I had to check on it. I heard a lot of meowing and a lot of purrs and trills and chatter. When they saw me at the door, I swear I heard Derecho say---run!!!  And they scattered. But............when Derecho got up to walk away, I found a gold coin under his tummy.  He's not talking yet about it, but certainly, something is up. 

The 7 youngest kittens in the back Thumper's Room are playing but they are not eating well. We have started to supplement them. The weight they came in with was very low and they have not gained yet. It's a bit concerning, but knowing their activity level is fairly good is encouraging. Yesterday they were fed every hour and 15 minutes.  We will continue this some today. 

Because it's a Humane Ohio day today, we will do BOXES at 4:00 (no movies today) and the checkout for Humane Ohio will be approximately 5:30.  Movies tomorrow! 

In case you can't find Coralie sometimes, she may be out visiting my mom. I don't know who enjoys it more--Coralie or my mom. Coralie gets snugged in on mom's lap and they just stare at each other!  Mom loves her big round eyes.  And Coralie loves the extra ear rubs. Shamballie is fine with this, as long as he knows he's #1 with mom, which he always will be! 

Many of you know that Little Grey has been here this past week. He is Jordy's son and is now the "boss boy" of that TNR colony.  He came in last week with a horribly bit up ear. He just went back to his colony yesterday with an ear that was much better and healing nicely. I so enjoyed Little Grey. But....I know his whole life has been with his colony and I'm sure he was quite happy to rejoin them. It was nice to have met him. 

Take care. Only 14 more days to Spring!