Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wow---we had a mini Kitty Christmas again for BOXES yesterday! We actually had some of these boxes from the weekend and Monday, but I was still "under the influence of sardines" and wanted to take it easy on Monday!  So, it was a great box evening!  

Annie & Debbie  Flash Sale Kitty floor mat
Pckbckr - Christmas Card    Pretty tree ornament, 2 cans of Sardines, 500 Q-Tips, 4 boxes Kureig Cups, 15 Sheba tubs

Hattonboyz/Smudge, BJ & Furball - 3 boxes of AAA, AA & C Batteries, Box of Printer paper
Box of Baklava

Gusti - Germany - Kitty Card with Note - Christmas Napkins, 2, bear head egg shapers, 2 calendars with kitties and other animal, Brochures about the Black Sea, Der Mein River & Beautiful places to see in Germany

SissyJeannette/Jeannette P - 60 single pkgs of Cookies, 3 cans of a variety of 2 Tubs Hot Chocolate, 3 bags Marshmallows, 2 bags Hersheys Kisses, Boxes full of individual bags of Gormet Popcorn, Pirates Booty Puff Rice & Corn, 2 M&M trains with M&M mini's in each car, Bag of Mini Chocolate Santas & 2 bags of Reeses Santas   all yum!

Jo & Huffy - Happy Birthday Magic Nice Purple memory foam rug with 2 purple pillow cases, Glitter balls & Yoga mat, roll of potty bags 

Ken & Carrie M - WI with Frenchie & Aria - Christmas card with a Very nice letter to FFRC Nation & Walmart Gift Card,  2 pretty towels, Boxes of AAA, AA & C Batteries, 
Bag of 20 ct. Lays Chips, Ghiradelli Chocolates & Hershey's Pot of Gold, Russell Stover Chocolates, Hot cocoa & EmmergenC for cold season, Bag of Purina One, 8 cans Chicken & Tuna, 12 Meow Mix Cups, 12 cans Fancy Feast and Beggin Strips dog snackers,  Paddy Wack cat toy, bag of ball toys, ping pong balls, Kitty stocking with toys, squeeky lion & giraffe toys

Madisonpepper & Kitties - Merry Christmas  6 months of Cat Lady Boxes  1st one has Moose and Cardinal toys, T-Shirt, Pretty Kitty head lights, 2 beautiful Kitty Cocktail glasses.

Tabbycat & Tabbytween - 90 rolls of Bounty Paper Towels
Geremy & Gloria K--6 cases  Lg cans of Friskies
Fred & Marilyn F - VT  Card & Donation in memory of their son Jeffery Ford
Dottie & Kitties  Christmas Card and a note
MariaS/Snoopybaby - Christmas Card 
MariaCatlady & The Magnificent 7 - IA  Christmas card & Donation & 2 sardine cans
Judy T & Kitties  Christmas Card & Donation
Northnm - Christmas Card
Rudy & Janice P - HI  Christmas Card and Mele Kalikimaka to all & Donation
Teresa H - IN  Donation
Josette M/Burgundy - France - Christmas Card with a note
Jass/Jan & Susan - UK  Christmas Card
Di/Miau our Mod from Germany-- Case of Paper Towels
Jean T - 36 bags Grandmas Cookies, 12 bags of Temptation Snackers
Romeosmom/Sarah P - Yeoooow Sardines

BKarg/Billie K - Christmas Note and 4 Pretty tins of Peppermint Bark  Lots to share!
Jatcat - CA  3 coveted Safety Cutters!

and then...a special envelope from Greg: Greg is our Mod Lynnz's husband - a beautiful letter and photos of Lynn when young and in recent times a card from her memorial. Very touching.

And another big thanks to Joan & her Chowder!  Joan brought us a huge box with many items--each designated for a different day in December--she called it her 2017 Catvent Box for FFRC

Tomorrow is Friday--the day some of our precious Persian babies start their new lives in their own homes. I'm glad we kept them one extra week---has made a big difference in them. They've all gained a few more ounces. They are now 13 weeks old.  We also have other adoptions coming up too.

And another awesome 2017 FFRC Adoption video--Part 3.  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho. Many thanks too to Justme and SonJa for helping Derecho.  If you enjoy this video, please be sure to "like" it.

And we have more thanks to give:
Pam C--donation to FFRC
OldestManAlive--donation to FFRC, wishes Happy Hanukkah
Elizabeth F--donation for her Reddit secret santa giftee--Michael K J, a fellow cat lover in OH
Napa--donation to FFRC
SonJa--donation to FFRC
Carol B from NY--donation to FFRC 

I would like to send a big thank you to the friends and family of Jeff Ford for their memorial donations to FFRC. He passed away just a couple weeks ago. He and his wife love cats and have visited FFRC.  These donations go toward the care of the cats. 

Hitch---such a great kitten. He was adopted recently and has already made himself at home. "He is such a sweet fun boy and we just LOVE him to pieces". And he found a spot in their Christmas tree to play in! Remember how he loved getting into our big cheeseball containers?  They got him a smaller size and he still tries to squeeze in! He's a happy boy.

Tuesday is our HumaneOhio surgery date. It's a full schedule. This will be our last spay/neuter date for 2017.  And then........we start all over again!

We have 2 new kittens.  Jericho and Jester, both boys, found on a town road all by themselves. They are 10 weeks old with a birthday of 10/3/17.  They arrived 12/12. Jericho is a short hair grey and Jester is a long hair grey. Both are very sweet and are excited about coming up to the Main Area soon.  Won't be much longer. They've both been tested, distemper & bordetella vaccine done, wormed, bathed, ears cleaned and flea prevention applied. They arrived with fleas and a hungry belly but otherwise are fine and dandy. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Friendship. Fun. Laughter. Fun-Raiser.  This is what the Sardine Slurping Contest was all about. I am grateful to our friends, our volunteers, the LeChat sisters, the mods, the admins and to all those wonderful friends who participated whether it was thru tickets or by viewing the Contest. 

Donna and I each ate 7 1/2 cans of sardines. Neither could go any further and so a tie was declared between the two of us.  We raised $2,250 from this event! I am thrilled about this and thankful.

Afterwards, we had the drawing for the bigger ticket items and then the consolation prizes. Those items are already being packed and sent on their way.

Both Donna and I felt rather punky Sunday evening and all day Monday.  But, today we are both feeling much better. I will say however, this was my first Sardine Slurping Contest and for sure it's my last! lol  It will be quite some time before I can eat another sardine. The cats will have to coax someone else for those treats! All in all though, it was a lot of fun and to raiser this money to help FFRC was the goal!

We have thanks to give:
Joco--she's a bumper upper for the Sardine Contest
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Josette M from France--donation to FFRC 

We had an adoption on Sunday. Hitch was spotted by a family and knew that was the one! Hitch is the cat that hitched a ride to FFRC! A great cat. 

FFRC's blog has earned a Top Cat Blog recognition! ranks the top blogs in different categories based on votes, links from other sites and Twitter followers. So, we are pleased. You can visit site.  The purpose of our blog:  "Friends of Felines Rescue Center's blog is an informative blog to keep our friends up to date with all the happenings--adoptions, incoming kittens/cats, surgeries done, events, happenings of the cats--filled with all sorts of FFRC news!".  

All those that had surgery on Saturday have recovered very nicely. Today when I walked into the Persian Room, it seemed like they had sprouted overnight! They certainly are growing. Starting Friday, some of them will be leaving FFRC.  Another one of those happy/sad things but there is never any doubt that being in a home is so important. 

Next Tuesday we will be having another spay/neuter day thru HumaneOhio. 

Elsie alert!  Our sweet Elsie has figured out another thing to add to her WOW list! She has figured out how to get up on the countertop.  This is something that she did all on her own. A slight problem--her getting down. I've watched her--she is also learning the distance from the top to back down on the floor. I expect soon she will also be with no effort, jumping down by herself. 

I want to resend a thank you for the donations sent to Fabio Fiver Friday. As you know, this was for medical expenses. Most of you already know, a particular litter that came from a sad situation, also brought in a new kind of virus to FFRC.  It's an old strain of virus but one that we have not experienced very often here. Many of the kittens came down with this which has resulted in major use of antibiotics. We just paid $4,000 to our main med supplier--with money from the Fabio Fund. Good news is there's no lasting effect from this virus. Everyone has or is recovering beautifully--thanks to meds, good vaccines, excellent food and good cleaning. We are now on the very tail end of this and soon it will be out of here. 

Did you know Alma has a special "meow" for "I want water now please"?  Coralie has "that stare" that means she wants into the towel cabinet. Felicity has a certain spot where she likes to dine and frequently leads the volunteers to that special spot. Kiara appreciates the warm pillowcases on the yellow table--she likes to go inside them. Magic's little pat, pat, pat on the leg means "I need an ear scratch".  Two pats means he wants his special sparkly ball (for real!).  Pania has her very insistent meow that means "I need some Pania Flakes and/or Babycat nibbles".  And Ramsay--if he's heading over to the far side, he would like help with the water bowl. Derecho has that very soft meow that's reserved for "Need chicken please, very soon".  And Lucie--there's no doubt her big meow sound means that she is wanting that special serving of can food, just for her! And Asha knows all she has to do is to twist her head and look at us and she gets head rubbings!  And Camvie MUST be allowed to be with the dogs and follow them everywhere or she worries about them. Oh--and don't forget Binker--she appreciates having easy access to the windowledge so she can lay her head on it. Don't ask me why---she just enjoys it! Yes, they are all different, all happy and we strive to please them all! 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Surgery day for FFRC yesterday--was a rather intense day with lots of changes. But that's ok--afterall, it's all about the cats and kittens.

We did 9 males and 6 females.  This brings our total count for 2017 spays/neuters to 879.  It breaks down to 522 spays and 357 males.   

The SPAYS we did were:
Marshmellow, Mally, Moana, Ina, Pipkin, Masana

The NEUTERS we did were:
Shalimar, Arvin, Tindle, Snowball, Snowy, Torgo, Toto, John and another male from the public. 

We ended up not neutering Gene--he's got a bit of a cold. He's doing much better this morning. His energy level is up as is his appetite. And we also scratched a few spays---just didn't feel comfortable with their weights and their having to endure the anesthetic.  These drugs are powerful, the surgeries are elective, nothing that HAS to be done at that moment. So, we decided on the side of caution and postponed a few surgeries. We'll get them done soon enough.

Many thanks to Gusti for providing the drinks for our surgery day and to Joyce D for providing our lunch of pizzas

In addition, the Persian kitten's adoptions will happen next weekend instead of today. Dr. Darcy and I both feel more comfortable giving them one additional week for recovery and growing.  

We have thanks to give! FFRC always has a grateful heart!
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Olga B from NEtherlands--donation to FFRC on behalf of their cats Fred & Sasja
Cheryl B--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation to Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Trucker & in honor of Magic's birthday
Judith M--donation to FFRC

Today is our Sardine SLurping Contest!  1:00, right here at FFRC.  It's for fun but will also have the drawing at the end! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday!  Steve and I will be having a part-day-off today!  Connie S is here and will do "mom care" for us.  We'll be heading out of town. 

We had BOXES Tuesday afternoon! Many thanks to each of you. 
Billie K - 4 pretty bath towels

Romeosmom/SarahP - 4  Party Mix, yeooow Banana & Sardines, Triangle & Lounge scratchers
Hull286  From Marina in Netherlands, Charms/Brooches: Hello Kitty, Ballerina, assorted items
Annie & Debbie - 12 - 20lb boxes of Precious Litter
Jo & Huffy - For Ramsay & Friends - 3 cases Friskies
Pat/Plee - For the Horses, Donkey & Goat - 5 lbs Peppermints, 6 Boxes Gingersnaps
Hope366/Dawn W - For Ramsay & Friends - 3 cases Friskies
Jenni B - HB to Magic -- Card and note. Peace Sign Card made by Jenni : I love you bun bun!
Shimmer balls, Spring toys, 5 hair roller toys 
Jeannette P - 5 - 12 ct cases Friskies
Stephanie & Chris C - AL - Christmas Card - Donation,  Box of 18 - Sheba, Tub Temptations, 3 bags Party Mix, 2 Kickeroos, 3 Fatcat Catnip toys, KicknScratch, Spring toys Lots of Toys to share, Kitty Wipes & 9 cans of Heart to Tail kitty foo
David & Julie - UK   Happy Birthday Card for Magic (4 yrs old Dec 6)  with 2 Chicken $5
Clint/NHFurry - NH  Happy Birthday Magic he got his own Amazon Gift Card!

We have names now!  The mama and her 5 kittens that were dropped off are now named.  The 5 kittens have joined the persian babies.  Good for all 3 of these litters and for the Persian mamas to intermingle with others. We have mama cat in front Thumper's Room--she is fine without her "kids".  Actually, she is not happy about the presence of the other cats and is hanging at the door.  I have a feeling she's been an outside cat--we shall see how/if she acclimates to being inside
Mitz--mama, white, was spayed 12/5 at HumaneOhio
Snowball--male, all white, 3 grey splotches on forehead
Snowy--male, all white, 2 grey splotches on forehead
Tindle--male, grey/slate
Torgo--male, grey tiger/white, dark nose
Toto--male, grey tiger/white, white nose
They arrived on 12/4.  All are nice and are becoming very "people-fied". They sure are enjoying playing with the Persian babies.  The names above are all from the Name a Cat List.

We had BOXES last night too.  I truly am grateful for the support give to FFRC.  We would not/could not manage what we do without all of this awesome help. 
Billie K - 2 Pink Towels
Robotman - Kitty Postie Note Holder, 2 Kitty Solar Fortune cats , Book: The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, bunches of lasers for adoption bags
mnsnowy - Case of Friskies
Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast
Snickersmom/BeckyW - DE with Snickers and Easy---For Clay & Brenna a bag of Coal for each (perfet gift! lol), For the Vols: 2 boxes assorted crackers, 4 cans Kippers

Tracey P - MD  Assorted can food: Iams, Fancy Feast, Royal Canin, and others
LJ323 - 4 pretty towels, 2 Bags of Fruit Gems, New Cubes  #3 Babies  #4 Covies available in PawMart for $20

Cheri & Brandon Volunteers - 2 cases Friskies
Nona/nyc - 2 bags of Birdie Seed
Katie L - Canada - Bunches & Bunches of Human Snackers
Andrew - Milkbone Snackers for Camie & Janie
Connie & Hannah  Kureig Coffee cups
Alan & Elaine - FL Thank You card & Fabio donation 

Diane F - VT  Donation in memory of her brother, Jeffery Ford, who loved FFRC and we have also added JeffBob to Name a Cat Name

John & Sherry - VT Donation in memory of Jeffery Ford
Donna W - NH   Donation in memory of Jeffery Ford
Tom & Ellen S -  Donation in memory of Jeffery Ford
David D - VT    Donation in memory of Jeffery Ford
Bonnie, Howard & Barbara H - FL  Donation in memory of Jeffery Ford

Ron & Barb W - Donation from her friend Margie in honor of her Birthday toward Medical Bills
chPowers/Ellen - Christmas Card & Special Christmas Card for Camie & Janie
Pablolover - Christmas Card with Donation to honor 2 friends for Christmas
Roger & Trudy S - AZ with Muldoon & Luiella? - Christmas Card & Donation
Bill & Linda H - MI  with Zeus and his 4 siblings - Christmas Card
Tom & Linda C - IL  Donation
Kelly-- Donation in memory of Mr. Purple
Mary O'D  Donation for Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas in honor of friend in GA
LeAnn M with Shadow & Patches-- Christmas Card
Judy B  Christmas Card , weight circles, & Chickie $5
Dianna & Jim A - OH  with Sparky & Frisky - Christmas Card & Donation
Harold & Pat/wildcat - IA  Christmas Card & Donation
Laura M & Ike - Christmas Card

Clark, Jesse & The Rest
  Happy 3rd B-day Magic
  Happy 5th B-day Walter Walter Walter with Chickie $5

Tomorrow is our FFRC surgery day.  Tentatively, we have these cats scheduled:
MALES--Shalimar, Arvin, Snowball, Snowy, Tindle, Torgo, Toto, John, Gene and a male from a volunteer
FEMALES--Marshmellow, Mally, Paris, Lynn, Purrlisa, Moana, Ina, Pipkin, Rita, Masana

Keep in mind, we may not do all of the Persians. This will be decided Saturday morning. 

Many many thanks to an anonymous friend for the condo unit that arrived yesterday afternoon.  It can hold 4 cats, has 3 levels--the top 2 are 2 pens each level--can make it so the top 2 become 1 larger pen.  The bottom level can hold towels, plates, food, spoons, Clorox wipes, etc.  We have it in the Purple Office and it will have many uses.  There are times when we have dearly needed extra holding areas, especially the last few months since our back Thumper's Room has been tied up with babies!  Sometimes when we are working on a whole litter of kittens, it's nice to have a place to put them for their treatments. Or sometimes a kitten needs quiet feeding times. Also can be used for post-op wake up time. So many uses! 

Remember the Sardine Slurping Contest is Sunday at 1:00.  May the best sardine eater win!  Lots of big prizes and consolation prizes too, at the end! 

Alright, alright.......I know some of you are wondering---who is that Gene that is on the surgery list.  Something happened--a real medical mystery.  It's called "Imogene" is "Oh My It's GENE".  Yep--one of those astounding medical mysteries---Gene goes on the boys list!  Here's what happened.  A visitor was holding Imogene and as usual, she climbed up on the shoulder. Her hiney was facing me and I saw "things" that were not girl related!  Could've knocked me over with a feather!  Gene is quite happy being a wonderful little boy! 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

TUesday, December 5, 2017

HumaneOhio surgery day today! One of my favorite things! We sent 30 cats and kittens up to be spayed on that awesome spay/neuter vehicle!  This 30 breaks down to 21 females and 9 males. 

Our total number now is: 864 (1 extra from a cat done last week).  This breaks down to 513 females and 351 males.  Isn't that just wonderful! I was hoping to break 1,000 for 2017 but I believe we will be short. We'll strive for that for 2018!

Surgery pick up is about 5:30ish, so we will have BOXES today at 4:00.

Tomorrow, Weds., we will make our surgery list and get those cats and kittens weighed to see how many we can do on Saturday.

John is definitely Mr. Kitty Friend to everyone! He thinks he's in kitty heaven and is having so much fun! Annet is doing much better. She has energy today! Won't be long until she's in the Main Area. She's like a new kitten! Such a sweetie!

The faces of Rita and Monana are healing--both will have a bit of scars and a lower lip but not too much. Both are happy and very playful.

Apparently someone decided to dump a mama cat and 5 babies in the front yard area--they went over to our neighbor's house and were playing in his drive way.  They were all over the place! We took 2 crates, 1 net and some can food.  It didn't take us long to get mama and 4 of the kittens but #5 became scared and went under his shed. So, a trap was set.  Within 20 minutes, we had him and he joined his mama and siblings. Mama went up to HumaneOhio to be spayed today. The rest of the litter will be done on Saturday. All 5 of these kittens are boys. Their colors: 1 solid grey, 2 white/grey tigers and 2 whites.  Mama is also all white. 

We have some thanks to give!  YOU are appreciated!
Plee--donation to help replace shingles on the outside cat houses that need repaired
Janet K from Amsterdam--donation to FFRC for Christmas
Fran D--donation for Walter for his birthday
Donna B--donation for Spiker and Coralie
Brenda R--donation for FFRC and for snackers for Magic and friends
BillieK--donation in memory of Mew and to help with John and Annet
David D--donation to FFRC
Wanita W--donation to FFRC for Ramsay
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC

Want to ohhh and ahhh over a wonderful video?  Check out the special 2017 FFRC Adoptions Part 2 video. Production by FFC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho--he's a busy boy!  Please like the video if you enjoyed it!        Enjoy!

Remember--we're in the Sardine Slurping Event!  Right now we're neck and neck (or maybe should say scale for scale!) on tickets for Donnajb and Jacci! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

Saturday is our FFRC spay/neuter day. We are hoping to get the Persian kittens done on this day, in addition to other FFRC cats.  On Weds., we will be making up our surgery list and weighing those on the list. Very possible then for some of the Persian babies will start being adopted on Sunday. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday is our HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. To help with their load, we are trying to keep our numbers to 25-30.  We never know for sure until check ins are done.  And then, check outs will be about 5:30 ish.  

We have recently lost an oldster Porchie. Our sweet Mew has passed away. He arrived here on 4/1/504. He was 2 years old when he arrived. Mew was 15 when he passed.  He was truly one of those extra great ones---asked for nothing but kindness, snackers and a big pet. He was everyone's friend and so loved basking in the sun. When we would sit under the shelterhouse, Mew was there for handouts--and of course, we always would indulge him.  He is greatly missed. A really awesome cat.  Thank you for loving him, even from afar.

We have 2 new kittens! 
JOHN--black/white kitten, polydactyl all 4 feet, male. He is 14 weeks old with a birthday of 8/26/17. This little boy arrived very hungry. We had put him on the counter to do the check-over and he jumped into the sink to eat the crumbs in the dishdrainer.  He's a happy boy and was found after a person had let the kitten outside. The man who John went to then brought him to FFRC. He came into the Main Area a bit early--snuck right thru the door! And immediately made 10 friends. What a sweetie boy. 

ANNET--an all white female. She is 6 months old with a birthday of 6/1/17. This kitten is very underweight--weighing only 3.12. She was found in the middle of a very busy intersection here in Defiance--one of the busiest in our town. Annet could go no further and simply laid down right there in the middle of this intersection.  A kind man saw her, stopped and rescued her. He then brought her to FFRC. She had many fleas/dander, very pale, dirty but friendly. Yesterday all she did was sleep--all clean and snugged on a heater. Today she is still resting but welcomes being petted and will come forward to the hand. 

Do we like to have fun here at FFRC?   sure do!
Do we like our Fun-Raisers?  you bet!
Do we love SARDINES?   YES!!
Here's the scoop!  We have a new and different Fun-Raiser starting tomorrow! It's called Sardine Slurping! Yes, that is right--Sardine Slurping!  Donnajb thinks she can eat more sardines than me. I tell her she is absolutely wrong---I can outdo her anytime in eating sardines. So......a contest is in the making! Come join the fun!

And remember........this is for fun, it's different, you can do tickets or not, but please do join us for the Sardine Slurping Day.  Here's how it works---starting tomorrow until 9 am on Friday, you can do the tickets like always.  $5 a ticket.  You can put your ticket(s) on Donna or Jacci or both of us!  You can do as many or few tickets as you like! 

Tickets will go into 2 baskets with DONNA or JACCI on it---these will be on the sardine table on the big day.  And then at 1:00, the Sardine Slurping begins!  Whoever can eat the most sardine, the tickets for the winner will have a special drawing.  Here's the winning items--tickets will randomly be drawn and placed with these items:
7 level Kuranda Bed
Sprocket cam & accesories
Depths of Change afghan by Rosemary  62 inch square
Shells & Waves afghan by Ellie G   42 x 65
OxGord Pet Carrier, large, green
Warped-de-dew blanket,  57 x 70

And then after we have those 6 winners drawn, ALL tickets will be combined into a container for LOTS of great Consolation Prizes! 

Interested in knowing the rules?  Here goes:
Only fully eaten cans of sardines count.
Only 1 can per person can be opened at a time.
An attendant will keep track of the can consumption.
If participant goes longer than 10 minutes without eating a sardine, contest is over.
If participant....what's the nice word for it---gets "sick", contest is over.
Sardine cans can be water or oil--preference is decided by the participant
If an open can looks "off", then that can can be rejected without a penalty.
Does not have to drink the juice of the cans.
If participant needs to take a mini walk in room, that is permissible but will have an attendant.
If participant needs to visit the bathroom, an attendant will stay close to the door!!

Ok---I think I've covered everything.  The date is Sunday, December 10, starting at 1:00.  Tickets go on sale starting tomorrow till 9:00 am on Friday.  Be sure to put in a message if your tickets are for Jacci or Donna or if you are placing tickets for both (that is permissible!).  The winning items are really nice!  Good luck and may the best sardine eater win! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Kitty Christmas---what an amazing event.I am humbled beyond words. The support shown to FFRC is tremendous. It makes me want to be a better person and to take the best care possible of our cats and kittens, in honor of you all.  You all are amazing people. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, friendship and all the items we unpacked yesterday.

Many thanks to Angie and Bill who gave up their garage to house all the boxes.  A big thanks to Hornish Brothers for lending their giant bright red semi truck--it was beautiful.  The lights on it was fantastic.  And we had TWO Santas emerge from the truck!  A super thanks too to our Santa Brian--he has played a big part of our Kitty Christmas. It was so exciting watching that big truck coming down Power Dam Road, knowing the Santas were going to pull into FFRC's parking lot! 

And many thanks to our volunteers who helped load the truck on Friday and then unloaded it on Saturday.  We had a huge turnout of volunteers--we truly do have the best in the world. Their support and compassion is unmatched anywhere.

To the mods and admins---thank you for informing our FFRC friends about Kitty Christmas and for the videos of it. This is important! 

And a giant thanks to all of you who provided the boxes for Kitty Christmas. The boxes---they just kept coming and coming---each of them holding treasures for FFRC!  Before yesterday, our 2 sheds and Kitty City (where we store the can food) was mighty bare.  Today I will show you the before and after pics.  What a feeling of being "safe" this brings.  The worry level goes down a big notch knowing we are well taken care of by YOU.  You are all important to us. 

If you'd like to send a personal thanks for that wonderful semi that brought the gifts, please go to facebook HORNISH BROTHERS and send a note!  They gave the use of their truck at no cost.  And if you'd like to thank Santa Brian for  his huge help, you can go to his facebook page BRIAN OBERHAUS.  

Here's some Kitty Christmas trivia, made up by Angie.
What was Kitty Christmas called the 1st year?     CANival
How many bags of cat litter was donated this year?    108
How many cases of baby food did we receive?  141
When did the first box arrive?  September 21
How many Appetizers did we receive?   131
How many boxes this year were opened?   615  (huge WOW!)
How many pounds were those boxes?  17,505 !!!!!!
Who had 3 pizzas delivered during the unboxing?  Sevaun!  yes, it's true! 

In addition to the boxes, we had donations that covered our new water treatment system. The one we had installed years ago was no longer able to keep up with our needs.  We were using tons of salt in it, just trying to keep going which was very wasteful. We now have a system in (and paid for!!!) that will cover our needs. How wonderful!

And we had 2 air purifiers paid for and presented yesterday to FFRC.  These are very effective against pet dander, allergens, bacteria and viruses.   I'm very grateful for these units and the healthy air they will give to the cats (and the volunteers). 

And we had gift cards too!  Some to Rite-Aid for cat meds, Pet Supply Plus, PetSmart, Meijer's, etc.  These will all be used for the good of FFRC. 

It was just an amazing event for me personally too.  Sometimes I get a bit down when sad things happen. I know I have to allow myself time to deal with these things but then..........these wonderful things happen to FFRC and it's very reviving to me. 

The kittens and cats all went into safe, shut rooms (except for Alma). We had the outside doors wide open but the cats were all safe, between the back Thumper's Room,  front Thumper's Room, Cat's Corner Room, Kitty Campus and Kitty Kabana.  They were so very glad to be out and free again last night! And extra yummy treats were given last night---they quickly forgave us for the shut doors. 

We have other thanks to give too:
Jakesmeomy--donation to FFRC
Brad B from OH--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Julie B from CA--donation to FFRC for litter and snackers
Shannan S--donation for Victor, Markus, Jackson & their friends and in memory of Leonard
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Knittinkittn--2 bags of Precious litter

Do you shop Amazon and give FFRC credit for that?  It's simple---simply go to our website at and click on the Amazon info/button.  FFRC gets a kick back!  For September, we just received the kick back of $328.96. Awesome!

We've heard back from Jude's new mom! She said they are in love with her! She is purring and loving on them. Sounds like a happy Jude! 

Take care and know that you all are special and appreciated by this Rescue Center.