Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday, October 22, 2017

Kittens are crazy. Cats are joining in their antics. Must be the smell of turkey that's stirring them all up!  Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow---may it be a day of peace and joy and a time of thankfulness.  

We had BOXES on Monday.  It's such a joy to have boxes.  The support that it represents is very important to me and to FFRC.  
Jean T/CMD - 4 pkts of 10 Spring Toys, 4 pkts Temtation Snackers
Michelle and John and Franky from NY--For Breeze - Leopard Print Therma pad to keep her warm!
DebbieM & AnnieG - Kitty Bath Mat and matching Shower Curtain
Bailey, Ann & Kevin B  - Kitty Card Reeses for Jacci, 8 Boxes of Deli Cat Dreamies for Zelda
Kerswill - MI--Table Toppers, Hot Pads, Runners, Placemats, Towel Sets,  2 Calendars, Greeting Cards, Tunnel for kitties
David and Julie from UK-- 5 cases 24 ct. Fancy Feast
FaithyMD - Thanksgiving Card - 3-d Butterfly - Frisher Price Animal Rescue--fun times!
Auntie Sonja - For Very Vern - Box of Delectable Squeeze Ups
Joco - 3-Cats Meow chase the mouse toys
Gina/catlover14 - 3 Christmas Shawls for Flash Sale
Plee - 4 - Snackers, box of litter pan liners, jingle balls, double pet feeding bowl
Ronnie & Marie - 2 cases Perfect Bistro & 336 plates  Thanksgiving ymmies for the cats!
Angelface/Linda C WA - 10 Biggiedews and weight circles
Eddie & Rita with Rosie - Kitty Card - Treat container, 2 boxes Bondi Licks, 2 boxes Bondi Licks, 3 bowls Sheba    Book of Church Cats, Kitty Mug, 2018 Cat Desk Calendar, Kitty Coasters
John and Patty for Lynnette--a beautiful picture of FFRC Kitties (is hanging up in Paw Mart!)

We've heard from Delight's new family! She has adapted very well with the family and the dog. They say that she acts like she has been there for ever!  Sounds happy to me!

We've also heard from Jacen's family! He's checked everything out and loves it. He follows them around. He's a lover and they think he's special! And he likes their dining room table to nap on!

The new kitten, Imogene is doing wonderful. She's now down on the floor and is playing big-time with all the kittens. She is one very active little girl. Such a pretty little kitten.

We have more thanks to give!
Kimkost--donation in memory of Barb K, a life-long kitty lover.
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Alan R, from Glasgow---donation to FFRC
Chris T, my friend and employee of Dr. P's--donation in memory of her Joey. Thank you!
Mirage's mom/dad (adopted from here) -- was here with their annual Buckeye goodies and cookies!  Yum! 

I'd like to say a special thanks to everyone who has donated to FFRC, in memory of Mr. Purple/Geoff and Zooie. We have decided to pool these donations together and get a needed item for FFC.  It's an Austin Air Pet Machine HEPA Air Purifier.  It removes pet odor, emits zero ozone making it safe for pets and humans, removes pet dander in the air and has a HEPA technology. The cost is $594.99 and comes with 5 year purifier and filter warranty.  It has a baked on powder coat finish.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to these two funds. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday evening, November 18, 2017

Wow a very busy time here. Plus, I'm not sure what really has happened, but I'm positive there is a stash of catnip somewhere that only the cats know about.  Every day the cats and kittens goes into these crazy play, run, spin, climb, hyped up playtime. People have to watch out because they will run right by your legs, over the top of you, use people as trees and generally trip us up! Sure love those ornery cats! 

Oh my goodness--Fabio Fiver went crazy! And I'm so grateful for that! This event will help us get our medical bills paid up with some cushion to spare! Such a relief and good feeling this is. I just have to post the totals again! 
Friday, 11/10 $465
Saturday, 11/11 $580
Sunday, 11/12 $230
Monday, 11/13 $130

Tuesday, 11/14   $385
Weds., 11/15  $545
Thurs.,  11/16  $2,045
Friday, 11/17  $1707
Today, Saturday 11/18   $1103
Our GRAND TOTAL is .............better sit down, it's absolutely amazing!   $7,190
I am in awe of this total and truly, deeply grateful. It's hard for me to come up with the words to express my gratitude. But to not have to worry about those medical bills is a great feeling.  My thanks to you. 

Here's one of the best Giggles videos yet! I'm quite sure you will enjoy it!    Press Like if you do! These Giggles videos are absolutely so refreshing and a joy to watch.  Many thanks for Derecho and friends that helped him!

We had BOXES yesterday. Actually, we had ENVELOPES! You are appreciated!
JobearMN Note and 8 weight circles
Cathy B/MissKitty - TN Cat Card with note Donation in honor of Ramsay
June/Painteddaisy - Card for Joyful - donation for Joyful, Flash Sale

And more thank yous.....
Conii--donation in memory of Zooie
Knittinkitten--donation in memory of Zooie
Dewbus--donation to help pay for the electrical work recently done
John B--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
PJ--donation of "stuff", as she says!

We have been asked numerous times about a long sleeve sweatshirt with FFRC info on it! It's happened!  Just send in your check or paypal if interested!  They really are nice!
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We had FFRC surgery today. A great day because that means more spays/neuters were done! We did 8 males and 7 spays.  Of those, 1 male and 1 female were for FFRC friends cats. The rest were FFRC cats and kittens. Here's the list:
Females: Kikae, Boo Boo, Mary Jo, Shema Ann, Nsuku and Julianne.
Males: London, Alvin, Ario, Hitch, Kester, Kestrel, Klaus
All did just fine, including the 2 Persian mamas. Again, we had some of our FFRC volunteers here to help the cats/kittens recovery. They make sure they are toasty warm, their respirations are good and then feed them when they are awake.  Such a comfort to have their help!
Our Grand Total now is......833 for 2017.  This is made up of 492 females and 341 males. 
A big thanks too to Gusti for providing pop, water and juice for today and to Joyce D for the pizza lunch.

Many of you already know, but our sweet Zoolove/Zooie has passed away.  We fought a good fight for her but her body just couldn't do it.  She went 3 weeks alone in the woods and arrived so emaciated and dehydrated. Her body just simply could not replenish itself. Such a very sad thing as this didn't have to happen. Dumping kittens or cats to fend for themselves is not the answer to the overpopulation problem. My comfort though is that I so know that Zooie knew she was loved. She enjoyed being held and petted and was such a sweetie. Her siblings here that were found much sooner than Zooie, spent time with her in her pen and bathed her and comforted her too. I thank you all for caring for her thru your prayers and good thoughts. 

We have had many donations made in memory of Zooie and also for Mr. Purple. I would like to combine these donations and have been thinking of a purchase for FFRC that we need. I can let you know more later. But, I'd like to send my thanks for every Mr. Purple and Zooie donation sent in. This has meant so much to me and I know too, to our mod Purple. 

The baby Persians are going to spend a night down on the floor tonight! They had a practice run of this a few nights ago and did just fine. However, only one mama can be down for the night. So, first thing in the morning, we will switch mamas.  And that is ok---it's the beginning of grow-up time for the kittens. They are all doing great.

We had another adoption! Jacen was adopted today! He went into a home where he will be the only cat and will be thoroughly spoiled! Just what we want for our FFRC cats! He seemed to really like his new mama already and was very peaceful in his travel crate!

We also took in a new kitten yesterday. She's almost 7 weeks old. Her birthday is 10/1/17. Her name is Imogene, a Name a Cat name! This little girl has a ton of energy and sure likes to play. She was found as a day old kitten and raised by a lady who took very good care of her. However, she couldn't keep her as her own and so brought her to FFRC. Imogene has a teddybear that she really loves. She sleeps with this bear and carries it around in her mouth! It's so cute to watch her! Imogene is a grey tiger/white kitten with a left white ear tip. 

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday. Know that you are appreciated by FFRC!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gobble, gobble!  The cats know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. They are very grateful cats for what you all do to help take care of them. We try and show our gratefulness because that's important. I overhead a conversation last night. Cats were all in a stir of excitement. They found out that two people have donated special turkey and duck cat food for them, just for Thanksgiving! They can hardly wait.  We've been wiping drool  from their cute little chins! 

We had BOXES last night---many thanks to each of you for your kindness!
Judeannlee & Phil - IN   Case of Beechnut baby food
Nona - 10 cases Baby Food 
Ruth D - NC   Handmade Kitty print laundry bag
Jeannette B - 3 Tubs Party Mix, Case Bistro Thanksgiving  for Kitties Thanksgiving Dinner!!
Lannml - 2 cases Weruva Duck & Chicken for Kitties Thanksgiving Dinner!!
Christina H/DavinciMom - Flash Sale:  10 each Paw Print & Kitties finders for purse and keys

George M - Scotland UK   2018 Calendar, Snacker bin, Yellow tunnel, Cat in box pencil with eraser, Glass Kitty Coasters, 2 Kitty signs, bag of Iams

Elaine & Alan B - FL  40lb bag of Precious Litter, Case 32 ct. Friskies, 3 - 24 ct Cases Friskies, Box of appetizers, Case 24 ct Fancy Feast

Snickersmom/Becky W - with Snickers and Inky - DE   20 bags of Sheba meat sticks, 2 Tubs Party Mix, 2 cans Chicken, 4 pet bottle nursers

Michelle & John NY - Flash Sale:  Handmade Hello Kitty with Baby blanket , Because of Wilbur - a handmade Flying Pig and a Fiver for Fabio's Fiver Friday

pjpanda & bad kitty - For Elise & Friends 2 bags Bonito Flakes, 2 Cases Purrfectly Chicken

Lorraine K/Kittylove - Christmas for Ramsay  6 cases 24ct Friskies
Nancy K-G  3 very cozy Amerikat kitty bed--cats are already enjoying these!
Anony - 3 cases Kitten Purina Pro Plan, Lg. Bag Kitten Chow, 2 Petite Gourmet Feeders
Jessica - Day Visitor   Blankets and Canned food
Joyce A - CA  Thanksgiving Kitty Card - Donation and purchse of 2 Mike CD's
Clark Jesse & Happy 7th Birthday Whiskers November 9th   Chicken $5
New Jersey Fan - Gift Card for PetSmart
Marilyn & Terry  Kitty Card and Chicken $5
Christine L - PA  Donation in memory of Bob Little
Melissa L - NY  Donation
Joy & Don  NY  Donation and 4 weight circles
Upper Darby Class of '72 - Donation in memory of Classmate Bob Little

Saturday is our FFRC spay/neuter day for the FFRC cats! We are working on the schedule today. We have to weigh them first!

We are still having and enjoying our Fabio's Fiver Friday Community Outreach.  Tomorrow, Friday, is the last day. All during the day tomorrow, we will be showing items that this Fiver event is helping us with.  And we will keep up with the Grand Total amounts too! Here's where we are so far:
Friday, 11/10      $465
Saturday, 11/11   $580
Sunday, 11/12     $230
Monday, 11/13   $130

Tuesday, 11/14    $385
Total, so far, is   $1790

So many thank yous to each of you!

Zoolove/Zooie is hanging in there with us. She has gained 4 ounces. She had a bit of a bad night last night but a bit better this morning.  We are working so hard to get to the point where her body can start healing. We continue all treatments suggested by our vet. Dr. Darcy will examine her on Saturday. In the meantime, we carry on. She loves to be loved on.

We have more thanks to give!
Charlotte T from OH--donation in honor of Ramsay and all of the cats
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Dewbus--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Dirk K from Germany--donation to FFRC
Patty & Gaylord P from Defiance--285 big plates
Jobo's mama & Jobo--donation to FFRC, use where needed
Colleen P--donation to be used as needed
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
OldestManAlive--donation to FFRC, for Zooie/Zoolove
Contessa and family--donation to FFRC, for Zooie
Annette20--donation to FFRC, for Zooie

Many of you may already know, but our FFRCNation has had a sad loss.  Our wonderful friend and moderator, Purple, has let us know that her husband Geoff has passed away. FFRC was honored to have them visit FFRC. Our hearts and friendship is there with you, Purple.  Our moderators are a wonderful group of people. They are pooling their funds together for a special leaf on our Tree of Giving for Geoff, or Mr. Purple as we affectionately called him. Hugs.

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful Donovan was adopted! He went into a family so that he now has a mom and a dad. He also has a cat and dog family---some of them elderly too, just like Donovan.  I have received pictures of Donovan already and he looks so very happy! His new mom says that he has already made himself comfy and is exploring. 

We also had an adoption on Monday. Beautiful Delight went to her new home! Her new family was very excited about having her join their family. I was very happy for Delight and the family!

We have taken on a new kitten.  He arrived on 11/14. He's a handsome beige boy. Someone who helps us here was traveling down the road when this cat shot out in front of him and zoomed across the road. He stopped, opened his door to get out and check on him, but the kitten jumped right into his car! He wanted to hitch a ride to FFRC--so his name is Hitch! He's a teenager with a birthday of 5/13/17. A super sweet boy.

London is doing great! He will be out of his pen probably tomorrow. He's another sweetie--just so little. I'm sure he will find lots of friends to play with. 

Flash Sale! What a great thing these are for FFRC.  The one we had just was wonderful and I thank Mich and Vern for helping with this. Also big thanks to the mods, to those who provided the items for the Flash Sale and to those who purchased those items! This particular sale will go towards our gas heating bills.  We have lots of rooms and buildings that require heat and warmth for the cats! They thank you too. 

We had some extra wonderful visitors yesterday--3 groups! These folks were from First Federal Bank, here in Defiance. It was their Pay it Forward Day. I thought it was fantastic! These employees of First Federal were given $10 each and told to do something for someone else. "The next time you see an opportunity to make someone's day, take it. Through even the smallest acts of kindness, we'll make our community better--together."  These folks brought monetary donations, towel, beds, can food, dry food, snackers, litter.  We so enjoyed meeting these people and are grateful to First Federal for encouraging this kindness. Thank you!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Another surgery day for FFRC.  This is a HumaneOhio transport day. Today we have 27 cats that we sent on the awesome spay/neuter truck!  This was made up of 9 males and 19 females. Many were outside cats, some mamas, some kittens--quite a variety. They will return about 5:30 today. Their families will be waiting for them.

This brings our new total to 818 total surgeries.  It breaks down to 485 females and 333 males.  I would so love to reach 1,000 for 2017 but not sure we can make that. We have 2 HumaneOhio transport days for December and 1 FFRC spay/neuter day for November and 1 for December--these are here at FFRC.  Whether we make it or not, it's ok---we have reached a good number but always want to build more! 

Zelda is here on my desk--her incision from her surgery is just fine--all healed! Anytime I sit at my desk, I routinely have 4 CH cats that bid for the lap--Vernon, Hensley, Spiker and Lucie.  They just so love laptime! 

We are in the middle of our Fabio Fiver Friday! It started last Friday and ends this Friday. This event goes entirely to help us with our large medical bills. I remember plainly the day that Fabio finally went into a trap here on the property. He had teased me for days, eluding me. And then.....there he was in the trap--looking like a big boy with a huge thick neck mane. I stuck my fingers in to "test" him--would he bite?  Would he welcome me?  And of course, he was a big giant baby boy. How we all fell in love with him. And he with us........even though he was quickly brought into our Earth Angels Clinic and had a couple "parts' removed! He forgave us easily and quickly became a Porchie. 

Here's our breakdown so far of our Fabio Fiver stats:
Friday, 11/10       $465
Saturday, 11/11   $580
Sunday, 11/12     $230
The Grand Total so far comes to $1,275   Many many thanks.

You see, we are trying to help more of the cats and have expanded our numbers.  But each kitten and cat incoming costs a minimum of $350 by the time we're done with their basic initial needs. And the adoption fee is only $90.  And then you add all the extra needs on top of that if they are sick, etc.  As you can see, it's an unbalanced thing. 

We had an adoption on Saturday! Our sweet purring kitten Purrdony found a home! We've heard back already and "Earl" is doing great and has already adjusted quite nicely. I love his new name! He's been making friends with the other cats in the home. 

We have thanks to give!
BillieK--donation to help with Zooie's care.
Boud--donation for Zooie's medical expenses
Paul W--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--sardines, 2 dz cans Halo can, 29 cans baby meat, snackers for vols, popup box for baby wipes, 3 boxes Kleenex, spring toys

We had another update! Gia is doing great. She loves sitting in the window and sleeping in her new bed and in her mom's bed too! 

For October, we had 4,240 views for our Petfinder site!

We have started to put family names to the Persian kittens.  What a very hard "job" this is! Our goal is to get the two mamas spayed this Saturday. And then our FFRC surgery day in December we will spay/neuter the 8 kittens and then they can go to their new homes. Mamas will be ready before that but so far, I'm not sure where their homes will be. Ideally, it would be good if they went into a home with no other cats---singly so they can be well pampered! 

We have taken on a new little kitten. This little boy was at someone's doorstep. All by himself, with no siblings or mama. His name is London--a Name a Cat name. He's 7 1/2 weeks old with a birthday of 9/22/17. He arrived today with fleas, earmites, a skin fungal infection and of course those nasty roundworms. He's had two cleansing baths already, tested and is now snoozing away, after having filled his tummy. London is a sweetie--will fit in just fine! 

Update on Zoolove.  Zooie is a tiny bit of a bit better.  Dr. Darcy and I have talked--when these cats are so very depleted in everything within their body, it's very hard to climb back. We've been working on her now for 6 days. She's getting fluids, oral nutrition, warmth, antibiotics. She's a toughie and is not about to give us and we are not either. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and good thoughts. 

Got your chair all ready? Computer all primed?  A delicious drink?  Your hand flexed and ready?  Yep, tomorrow is our Flash Sale by Mich and Vern. 2:30 ish is the time. This sale will go towards our gas heating bills. Remember to refresh often. Not all computers run on the exact timing but we try our best! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

Red lights plugged in?  Check    Warm blankies all clean and puffy?  Check    Good food in stock?  Check   Electric water bowls plugged in?  Check     Firehouse insulated?   Check   Porchie Haven insulated?  Check    I do believe we are ready for the cold weather of winter.  This morning it was 23 degrees.  

We had BOXES yesterday at 4:00. It was a great time---we so love boxes! Thank you.
Judeannlee & Phil - IN   3 cases & 3 jars of Beechnut baby food, 4 pk of Clorox wipes, 6 pk of Tuna, 2 bottles Mr. Clean.

Lavendercat226 - ME   Kitty Card,  Snackers, Clorox wipes, coil toys, 2 pks of 12 each washcloths, 9 Catnip toys made with her homegrown catnip

Gusti - Bag FULL of toys for the Persian babies

Annie & Debbi - Flash Sale:  Place mat for Kitties,  Large Cat Tree for a FunRaiser

Judy T/JacksonJrsmom with Lois, JacksonJr, Snickers & Gwen  -  Gwen used her Piggy Bank money and sent two Chicken $1 and an oh so 'rare' Chicken $2,  Donation in honor of Jackson Sr., and 6 very nice Kitty Mugs for Pawmart, washcloths and a towel for the kitties

Jerry - KY-- TY note and a box of Blue Monday Chocolates made in the great state of Kentucky

Dave & Stripey - NJ   FFRC Card with a note & Donation, Book & magnet:  Purr More  Hiss Less, a 1 million dollar rescue bill, Photos of his handsome Stripey, 11 photos of the FFRC Poker cats to use as you like.  2 DVD's one for Jacci one for Susan

Contessa/Laura S - 2 Tub & 3 bags of snackers (mmmmmm steak), Box of 12 Meow Cups, Box of Sheba, 10 pks of Coil Toys

Ronnie & Marie - 4 - 4 pks of Clorox wipes

Barbara E - NC   Kitty Card  (Leggys Sister in law) 7 biggie/leggiedews

Pandainlondonzoo - Kitty Photos & Note   270 pkts of Dreamy Deli Snackers

Rita & Eddie - Scotland  Card with a Note,  Canvas kitty purse, Ornaments in a treasure box, Angel, Iceskates, heart, trees lots of little glass ornaments,   2 numbered Angel ornaments, 5 Kitty head ornaments, Santa & Sack figure, 2 Christmas candles, Santa & Kids Figure, 
  2 sets of numbered Angel ornaments

Beth/Eaglewatcher Electric leaf vacuum and mulcher  We are so excited and grateful!

Judy T/JacksonJrsmom - Quilt from around the 1930's hand stitched 64x84  for Fun Raiser

Jazz & Susan - Leopard Cat cave and attached crinkle body for Persians

LJ--a special gift for the PawMart office, she normally says "stuff", but we want to send out a special thanks

Timothy D--donation to help with the care of Zoolove

Wanita & kids--donation to FFRC to be used where needed

Remember the 7 Oxbow kittens that we took on?  They were found abandoned at Oxbow Lake.  An area vet also had 2 of these same littermates turned in. They took care of them. That makes 9 kittens.  Four days ago, we took on the care of #10 of this litter.  This sweet soul has been out there alone. We took in the littermates 3 weeks ago--I am quite sure this little girl has not had any food this entire time. The condition of #10 is appalling--anemic, dehydrated and emaciated--all severe.  She is a mere 3 pounds. We are hydrating her with fluids, syringe feeding her a good quality of special foods, on antibiotics. We have been in touch with our vet about her.  She has also been named---a very special book in the eyes of FFRC.  Zoolove, after our dear friend that passed away.  Sometimes I call her Zooie.  She so wants to make it--she's tough but so very weak.  

These are the things that cause me great stress.  I would very much like the person who dumped these cats at Oxbow Lake to see the horrible condition of this cat. It should never have happened.  But........this rescue center is based on joy and compassion and caring ways.  So, there's no time for harsh feelings.  Yes, it's upsetting, but I choose to keep myself centered on being positive. The great thing is--I don't have to worry about the person who dumped these kittens.  I can concentrate on the cats.  And that is good. Please send prayers and good thoughts for her. 

Mark your calendar!  This coming Tuesday is a wonderful Flash Sale by Mich and Vern. Lots of really great items. It'll start about 2:30ish.  Guaranteed to be fun! This Flash Sale will go towards our heating bills. 

Did you see Marilyn?  Yes, she's back, but only temporarily.  She has a little poo problem but we're on it!  She's wonderful, loving and awesome and has been wanting to play, play, play!  Enjoy her funness while she is here!

And........we have a very special thing right now. It's FABIO'S FIVER FRIDAY...a community outreach. Why do we need this? Fabio, one of our community kittes would have approved of helping his fellow felines. FFRC needs assistance to help our community and the kitties that live here. We would like to help as many as we can safely and healthily take in. FFRC spends at minimum $350 per cat/kitten that comes here, this is what the cost is for the vaccines, tests, wormings, flea prevention, vet physical, ear cleanings, specialized wormings, spay/neuters etc.
Please honor Fabio by helping us to help his Community kitties. It has actually started now, today! Please feel free to send a donation or go thru PayPal to help with this much needed event. Our medical bills have really climbed. Our thought here is, if we take on a kitten or a cat, we are obligated to their complete health needs.

But....on Friday, the 17th, is the Grand Finale. We will show the charts of each days intake of donations. We will show you the items that we use medically. This will go off and on all day next Friday!

I thank everyone involved for helping with this Fabio's Fiver event---it's taken a group effort of wonderful people who care about the Rescue Center and knew we have large medical needs.

And for those who do not know Fabio--here is his story, as told by Fabio himself: (Taken from Canton Cat's story of Fabio)----
"I live here at Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  I am a Sun Porch Cat.  I am a very independent cat.  I get to come and go as I please.  And that pleases me.  Oh, many have tried to keep me locked up in their “rooms”, but it just doesn’t work for me.  You see I’m my own cat.  I gotta be me and I gotta be free.  It’s like I’m always telling Hank, Gotta Be Free, You and Me.  Oh, wow, I should copyright that!
I was born October 15, 2007 and during the winter of 2009, I realized that it was wrong to keep myself to myself, so I decided to let FFRC adopt me.  I wandered on up to the grounds and made sure that several people, including momma Jacci saw me.  But I did want play a little hard to get.  So I watched as they all tried to entice me with their “here, kitty, kitty” phrases.  How funny they were.  I let them catch me in one of those traps they have.  They think they caught me, but I allowed them to.  I remember that day very well.  Momma Jacci looked in the trap and was so very cautious.  I actually think she thought I was going to bite her.  Imagine, me biting someone.  Ha.  She put her finger in the trap, for some reason still unclear to me.  So I rubbed up against it to let her know I had decided she was an acceptable momma.  She took me inside the clinic and scooped me up and we had one of those “special moments”.  It really was fabulous.  She said I was now Fabio.  I really like that name.  It is so fitting for me.
Momma Jacci would soon learn that I chose to spray.  Yes, it is a choice.  I am a sprayer and proud of it.  She told me I could become a Porchie.  Oh, the other Porchies were so happy that I decided to join them.  I really am their leader, you know.  Oh, Hank would have you believe otherwise, but I know the truth.  Just look at him, then me.  Well, I won’t be cruel, but I am the leader, trust me.
And as the leader, I decided from that moment on that I would never leave here.  They couldn’t possibly exist without me. 
I know sometimes people get a little confused between the Porchies and the Covies.  Sure, we have some similarities, but here’s the difference.  We are the rebels, the lone wolves, err lone tigers.  We are the independent ones that need to be wall free.  I have nothing against walls, but keep me between four for too long and I am NOT responsible for my actions.
I actually don’t get as stressed out as some of my brothers.  Man, put Cliff in a room for 10 minutes and he goes crazy, I tell ya.  Crazy.  Oh, this weekend the fool locked himself in Kitty City by mistake and it took them hours to find him.  I knew where he was all the time, but no one asked me; anyway, enough about him.
In fact, when I feel like it, I sneak into the main center from time to time.  All the other cats look at me like “wow, we’ve heard stories about you, but didn’t know you really existed.”  Yup, I do exist.  I like the main center because they have treats everywhere. 
There was this one time I snuck into the center and Jackie S. and Donna kept looking at me and avoiding me.  I kept walking up to them to say hi and they would back away.  Finally I realized why.  They thought I was Badu.  Can you believe it?  I am so much nice looking than Badu.  I mean, she’s pretty and all, but I’m a stud.  Yup, a pure stud.
I mean it.  And it’s not just me who thinks so.  When people come to visit and someone says, “Oh, that’s Fabio,” the visitors will come over to me and say “Fabio.  I’ve always had a crush on you?”  So, I’m kind of famous.  And of course Fabio is a shortened version of Fabulous.  Yup, that’s me I’m Fabulous and everyone knows it.
I think there’s a famous cat that looks like me somewhere out there.  His name must be Butter, because when people meet me they always say “I can’t believe it’s not Butter.”  I just smile and let them think I’m this Butter cat.  But I’m really Fabio!
It’s easy to sneak into the Center, getting out is much more difficult.  But I have a little system.  When I’m ready to leave I just spray a clean load of laundry and am always quickly let out.  It’s so neat how everyone comes running to me.  They are really very attentive to my desire to leave once I let them know I want to.
No one ever really gets mad at me for spraying, but this one time momma Jacci was a little annoyed at me.  They had just cleaned out Kitty City and had it all ready for the Cove Cats to move in for the winter and I just wanted to welcome them so I snuck in and sprayed every table in there.  Momma Jacci caught me in the act and she was not pleased with me.  She called me a little stinker.  I said I was sorry and she forgave me.  So we’re cool now.
I just love exploring the grounds.  I’m here, there and everywhere.  I like to hide and see how long it takes people to find me, but with all my beautiful hair, I usually stand out.  That brings me to a recent travesty that occurred.   Momma Jacci had some kind of an “episode” with the hair clippers and went all crazy on me.  She said she was just giving me a summer trim, but she cut off almost all my hair.  She left a strip of hair down my back, but it wasn’t enough.  I was really mad about it.  Some cats pout for days when they are upset, I went on a spraying spree.
I bet I don’t get one of those haircuts again.  I know I must have a summer cut as I am simply too busy with all my duties to take time to groom myself.  And to momma Jacci’s credit she never cuts my mane, my adoring public just wouldn’t stand for it.
Well, I must go now, it is time for my nap.  Being this gorgeous is simply exhausting.  Take care, I know you love me.  All of you."
Fabio is no longer with his. He rests peacefully in our Angel Garden by Albert's Garden.  He will always have a special spot in our hearts.  And he would be thrilled to know that he is helping all the cats here at FFRC by his very own Fabio's Fiver Friday.  As he would say--a wonderful $5 fiver would help alot! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Surgery day! This morning we had another HumaneOhio spay/neuter day.  Check ins begin about 5:20 and are done at 6:00 am.  Today we checked in 37 cats and kittens. This was made up of 27 females and 10 males.  Every single cat that we do is a help towards curbing the cat overpopulation problem. 

Our grand total now is 790 spays/neuters for 2017. This breaks down to 466 females and 324 males.  At this time a year ago, we were at 516. We have already let HumaneOhio that we want to continue doing 2 of their transports a month!  

We had BOXES last night! Oh, such wonderful boxes! Thank you!
Contessa/Laura S - Kitty Library Tote bag for Flash Sale

Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast

Tom & Mary W - PA Donation in memory of Bob Little

Iowa CatladyMarie & The Magnificent 7 Card with photo of her kitties

Debbie M - Flash Sale : Pawprint shower hooks, white hooks for liner, Kitty licking an icee Shower Curtain, Soft sided Cat Carrier

JenniB/Bunbun - Birthday gift for Magic to be opened on his B-day Dec 6th

Vickie B  3 Boxes of Dryer balls

Debx1---4 Bags of Purina One

Most of you know, but wanted to put this "out there" again as we always have new friends joining us!  Our website is  Lots of good information there to see!

And don't forget about our Petfinder information! It's at:

Zelda is doing just fine since her surgery! She swears they removed 2 pounds of "fat" from her hernia--so she's trying to coax extra snackers from us now.  I keep telling her that's not how it works!  Purrdony and Purrkins are crazy kittens--they've been dragging a feather around with some of the other kittens chasing after the feather. They sure know how to create fuN!  Boni has an endless pit of a tummy.  Poor kitten must've been so hungry sometime in her young life. She sometimes gets her very own plate so she doesn't boss those big adult cats away.  Shirley Mae is still having her ear treated every day.  Even though, I believe, we are making headway on her middle ear infection, she may still end up with a head tilt.  

Maya is awesome. She has it figured out--spread those legs to help with her balance and she can get quite a distance! She loves attention. And Lucie too--she is amazing. She is here again by my desk for the extra pettings. She can get to where she wants to go! And she's such a happy girl.  She so loves being in a lap and having her head rubbed and petted.

Still working on winter preparations.  We are putting two very large piles of stone into the horse corral to help keep the mud away this winter.  We will now also be getting the shelter house ready for winter since we probably won't have any more picnics there till spring.  We have to put a tarp up yet at The House that Jonah Built.  This tarp does a great job of keeping the wind away from the door.  The horses and cats are getting fuzzy with their winter furcoats.

Little Shalimar's sore leg is doing great now. But Arvin now has a slight limp.  These kittens get so super active and sometimes takes a tumble.  No fractures though--just need a bit of rest to let the sprain heal. No harm done. These Persian kittens are simply so much fun to watch--very active! 

We took in a cat that was found at a local hotel yesterday. It's the one that Deb11111 saw. There was another lady there too trying to catch the cat. Deb gave her the address of the rescue center and told her if she caught her to bring her here. Yesterday the lady showed up with the cat! And the best news is that we found the owner thru a lost/found ad! Today this cat is being spayed at HumaneOhio and then will go back to her family tomorrow morning! Thanks, Deb for being a part of this rescue! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday, November 6, 2017

Wow---we had a couple terrific storms come thru here yesterday.  Blew leaves sideways, high winds, branches down and flooded farmyard.  The ducks were happy though--lots of swimming in new lakes on the farmyard!  All seems calm today--just have some clean up to do.

We had a wonderful adoption on Saturday. Our lovely Gia was adopted! She went into a home where she will be a single cat and with lots of people to love on her. It'll be easier for her to lose a bit of weight without all the kitten food around. She is just a wonderful cat! 

And before Gia, we had an adoption of Bibs. She's the black kitten with a big white mark on her chest and tummy. She's part of the Oxbow Lake kittens. A real sweetie. 

We had BOXES on Friday afternoon!  Many many thanks for your kindness.
Annie & Debbie - Tub of Party Mix, 1 bag Royal Canin Babycat, 1 bag Royal Canin Kitten, 36 pkgs Gravy Sensations, 4 -- 20 lb Boxes Dr. Elsie's Litter   For Flash Sale--Kitty Floor Mat

LJ323 - cans of chicken, Tuna & Sardines, Little Spatulas, Sink Strainers, Surge Protector, 3 boxes gauze, disposable gloves,  2 Bags of Fruit Gems

iPurr - IL  7 large bags & 2 Boxes filled with pillow cases, towels, sheets, blankets, Quilts and some books for the Vols to share

Beth's Friend Jan H - Made by Jan - 12 blankies for Kuranda's and carriers, 12 Quilts for kitties

Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  Baby Weight Scale--works so nice!

Tom P - NJ  Photo of his beautiful kitty Alice and a cozy kitty bed that Alice doesn't care for.
Paw Points, Box Tops and Lots of Pop Tabs

Anony Friend-- Box of 30 Fancy Feast, Case of Max Cat Food, bag of litter

Edmund & Norah K - PA  Donation in Memory of Bob Little

Jeanne S - FL  Donation to FFRC

Barry & Sally H - PA  Kitty Card & Donation in memory of Bob Little

Error!  Mistake!  Apologies!  Airabelle is now named AIRIO.  Somehow or another, she went to the boy side and is the BROTHER of Alvin.  One quick look on those fuzzy behinds wasn't enough! We are both thoroughly embarrassed!

All 3 of the kittens, Alvin, Airio and Ina are doing wonderful---they are rock and rollers. Tussling and tumbling! Won't be long until they are up in the Main Area.

The baby Persians are doing wonderful.  They are so fluffy, ornery, climbing and acting like little crazy babies!  Won't be long until we have human names on them as owners. The reason I'm still waiting i s because we're waiting for the two smallest to catch up a little bit.  I know some of you have seen Shalimar and now Arvin limping a little.  No worries. There are no fractures, just a joint that has been stressed a bit from too much tumbling!  All is good. They are all eating very well on their own now.

And we have more thanks yet to give!
Nona--donation for baby food jars
 Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Ann & Billy from England--donation to help with the cats, especially the special needs cats
Donation to sponsor Derecho, in honor of Fran D's birthday from Belinda M
Carol B--donation to FFRC
Lori M--donation in memory of Bob Little, husband to Cheri
Plee--donation of 4 boxes of can food

Yesterday afternoon was our party that was in appreciation of our volunteers. It was done in the name of all the chatters, lurkers, mods and admins.  We are, among many things, thankful to the volunteers for:  
sharing their time
sharing their compassion with the cats
for all the feedings that they do
for all the brushing/combing they do
for taking care of the mountain of laundry that is created here
for the litterbox scooping
for their friendship to each other
for all the dish washing
for all the washing of everything that is done
for helping to hold for treatments
for understanding that we all try our best!
for meeting and greeting our visitors
for putting together adoption bags, refilling flea syringes, filling snacker bags
for keeping a special eye on the outside cats
for letting me know when they feel a cat/kitten isn't feeling good
for helping to keep bottoms and faces clean
for keeping the floors clean with the shop vac
for special holdings for food time for those that need help
for genuinely loving the cats and kittens
and, and, and.......
there are so many things they do to help keep this Rescue Center going and I am deeply grateful for each of them. It truly takes a village of volunteers to make this Rescue Center the kind of place it is today. 

Tomorrow is our HumaneOhio spay/neuter transport day. We have another full schedule.  We so want to be a big part of helping to curb the cat overpopulation problem.