Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh-oh.  It's happened.  The baby Persians have sprouted wings and some of them can get out of the pool! The next phase of development has started--playing and waddling about! And they are ever so cute.  All are gaining weight. Still working hard on little Gingersnap.  Some days he is taking his syringed KMR real good, some days not so good. But, he remains alert and active. They are closing in on being 5 weeks old.  Still not taking holds on these kittens until they are a bit older.

We had BOXES yesterday afternoon!  Many, many thanks to you all!
Miranda - catnip (will give us crazy cats--love it!) 

Debbie M - for a Flash Sale - Dog door stop, wall plaque Cats are like potato chips you can't have just one, Embroidered Dog Coasters & Embroidered Kitty coasters (so beautiful!), 7 cat key hook & 3 Kitty mats   Will see these soon!

Cary & Jean N --   5 bags of Precious Litter

Annie G & Debbie M -- 4 Tubs Party Mix, 20 Fleece Blankies for Outdoor kitties in winter

Anony - 2 Towels, 2 yellow rugs, 2 kitty angel pins 

LurkyLoo - 12of the 35lb buckets of Tidy Cat & 4 boxes of Medley Fancy Feast

Special thanks for all of the litter delivered lately---it made it possible for FFRC not to have to order any for right now! 

Next Thursday, the 26th is our next Flash Sale!  Mich and Vern will be here for this. The start time is 2:30ish. It's guaranteed to have some really awesome items in it, including those special items from Zoolove! 

This evening is our BOXES at 5:30, followed by the Drawing for the Fun-Raiser at 6:00.  This fun-raiser is especially important to FFRC. We have taken on many more kittens to care for and along with that comes major medical needs. Come join the fun! Good luck to everyone! 

We have more thanks to give!
Thomas M from VA---donation to FFRC
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Canton/Rita--donation in honor of her mom's first birthday in Heaven, given with much love
Brenda R--donation to FFRC
Julia R--donation to FFRC
Alex & Morgan, day visitors--10 cans Friskies 

We've heard from two of our newly adopted kittens! Marilyn and Aimee Crocker are doing great and are much loved!

I want to say a special thanks to Lynnette and Donna for doing BOXES yesterday.  My sister Nancy is in the hospital again, battling her cancer. She is my hero---her persistence and determination is amazing and her ability to stay positive and lifted up.  I told her this morning that she has many prayer warriors going for her.  She said to say thanks for the prayers and to thank the warriors.  She and I would appreciate good thoughts and prayers going her way.  Thank you.

The Oxbow litter of kittens now have names!
Boni-- female, black.  Pronounced Boun-ee
Bibs--female, black, with big white on chest
Brilliance--male, black/white with dots on nose

Purrkins--female, grey
Purrceval--male, grey
Purrdony--male, grey
Purrzie--female, grey

All of the above names are from the Name a Cat List (except for one!).  Good luck remembering these names! 

Chesterfield and Cariad are a bit shy but coming around. We have been putting all the newbie kittens in the Kitty Campus Room for night time and some during the day to make sure all are healthy, eating good and feeling good.  

We have taken on 3 more kittens.
Delight--white calico, female, calico head & tail, gold dot between shoulders, found on a doorstep, crying, all by self.  Her birthday is 7/10/17 and is 14 weeks old. Such a sweetie and very friendly.  She had fleas but no URI.  Her birthday is 7/10/17.  Think D for Delight for being found on a doorstep. 

Tracker--tiger/white, ASH, female, large white ring around neck, was up in a Buckeye tree for a couple days and then came down by herself.  Her birthday is 8/1/17. She is 11 weeks old. She was very dirty, had fleas and was so hungry. Think TR for Tracker for being found in a tree.

Jude--calico/tiger, female with 4 white feet.  Jocie is our hero!  She saw this kitten at her school and called me, alerted the school about the kitten and gave them our number.  We were called, went up to the school and brought Jude home. She is 14 weeks old, birthday of 7/11/17. She's such a beautiful cat, long fur.  Think J for Jude for Jocie finding her. 

These names are also from the Name a Cat list. 

I've lost a message and barely started reading it when it disappeared into thin air.  I believe it was connected with a fb message perhaps?  I've spent much time trying to retrieve it but it's being stubborn. I do know CH was mentioned but that's all I know.  If you sent me a message a couple days ago and have not heard back from me, that's why!  Please resend your message to my email at    Thank you! 

Take care to everyone. Have a super great day and know that you are all appreciated by FFRC!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busy, busy times! Lots going on and keeping us very busy.  

Yesterday, 4 of us went to Dayton, Ohio for a Kitten educational seminar.  The morning was on pregnant cats, birthing, newborns and their care whether it be from the mama or fostering.  The afternoon was more medical---vaccines, wormings, proper cleaning/disinfecting, cat diseases, tests, etc.  Lots of good information.  Lynnette, Donna and Barb went with me! We had a good time.

FFRC has some thanks to give!
Renita J--donation to FFRC and in memory of Thor 
Billie K--donation to help with Maya and Graciella's medical expenses and in memory of Leonard
Linda S--donation to FFRC in memory of Leonard
William K--donation because he saw the kittycam!
Gusti--donation to help with meds for the new kitties
Ben H from Iowa--donation in honor of Derecho and the Ch cats.
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation to FFRC in memory of Leonard (who brought him to FFRC)
Pam S from IL--donation in honor of Beth/eaglewatcher's birthday for the Feliz Navidad Fund

Sure love these FFRC Giggle shows! We now have Scene #15. Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, directed by Derecho. Thanks to JustMe and SonJa and of course, the cats!

Mamas Nsuku and Julianne's kittens are doing great. Which ever mama is out, her kittens are too. We put them in the pool.  Yesterday, Moana was the first that ventured up and over the edge of the pool! And then proceeded to waddle around on the floor before she started wailing for her mama to put her back in the pool!  So curious yet reserved!  It won't be long before more of them start venturing further.  We weighed them all today.  Some are at 10 ounces, some at 14 ounces. 
I know many of you have noticed that one of the Persian babies is struggling. That would be Gingersnap. He's the one that was extra tiny at birth--2.5.  He's also the one that stopped breathing right after being born. With a little "work", we were able to get him breathing again. He has always been very tiny. But.....he is not growing or eating well.  Rest assured, we are on top of things. He is being supplemented as much as he will let us. Please keep him in your prayers and good thoughts. Thank you. 
Today, we gave the Persian babies their first wormer and their Bordetella vaccine. Hard to believe they are 4 weeks old now!

We had BOXES Thursday afternoon! Always know that you are appreciated! 
Rosalea S. - 16 large cans of KMR (Kitty Replacement Milk)
Catlvr14 (Gina) - bunches of potty bags, 6 beautiful handmade shawls in:  Yellow,  Honey Taupe, Ivory, Burgundy, Forest Green and Walnut. You will see these in a Flash Sale!
Linda S. - 3 handmade winter snow caps.  (for a Flash Sale)
Stella and Chewys - Duck Duck Goose snackers, 1 Case of Fancy Feast Seafood.
A friend of Sevaun's (or Sevaun herself) - 2 kitty 2 pizza laying pad.
Annie G./Debbie M. - 20 oz Canister of Party Mix, Case of Gravy Sensations, bag of Royal Canin dry kitty and momma food, 2 Cases of Royal Canin Babycat, 40 lb bag of Dr. Elsey's Litter.
Barbara E. -  6 lovely Barbie Doo fleece blankies.
Ronnie and Marie - 8 dozen chocolate kitty suckers, 400 pumpkin paper plates.
Alex the Baby Lion and family - 2 blankets, 2 towels, 4 packs of sponges, 3 boxes of Perfectly Fish, 3 bottles of glass cleaner, 120 styrofoam  plates, 3 pcks Kitty Wipes, Lysol wipes, 5 jars of baby food, 1 box of  13 gallon trash bags.
Ronda F. - donation in memory of Pam/Zoolove
Anonymous - donation to FFRC
Hannah and her parents, Jennifer and Andy - 2 containers of Temptations, 1 baby wipes, Austen Crackers, 12 cans of 9 Lives wet food, 4 huge cans of flaked chicken, 100 large garbage bags. 
John and Patty - Photo of Paddy Brother Sheriffs/copies for Flash Sale,  copies of farm animals/Jacci 

Tomorrow is the first day of the October Fun-Raiser. It's over at 9 am on Thursday.  The items are all wonderful, of course! We will have BOXES at 5:30 Thursday and the Drawing at 6:00. I appreciate all the items donated! This Fun-Raiser will help us with our operational needs plus with kitty help.  We have had many many kittens for check ins and the supply of wormer, vaccines, tests are depleted. 

We've had NINE, yes 9 adoptions on Thursday and Friday!  Makes me happy to know that they have succeeded in finding their new homes. While always a bit sad and them leaving, I feel good about that "home" feeling for them! 
LJ and Katmandu went to their new home together! Two wonderful kittens going into a super great home!
Cupid & Valentine went to their new home to PA! We have already heard back from the family and said they are doing great. They have been exploring and playing and chasing each other! Two super kittens!
Aimee Crocker & Marilyn were adopted together! This one in particular made me smile. Marilyn, even with her possible heart problems, found a home that loves her. And she has her best friend to play with--Aimee!

Brody was adopted into his new home. This extra wonderful kitten with that ornery side found his new family
Coco also was adopted and we've now heard from his new family! His new name is Sullivan and he slept with the family dog already! And he's discovered the big "mom/dad" bed! He loves the kids there too!
Sheila was adopted! She went to a home where her new family has lots of time to pet and love on her! She has a special young girl that will be her special cat! 

And then came more kittens! Some have names already, some do not yet.
Ransom: --arrived 10/10 at 7 weeks of age.  The Ransom name was to be given to a cat that needed a strong name.  He arrived here very dehydrated, big tummy yet very thin. His birthday is 8/21/17.  This kitten is a sweetie and so loves to be cuddled. 

Shema Anne--arrived 10/28 but has been with Auntie Peggy for a few weeks. She is now 1.06 lbs and ready to rock and roll.  Shema Anne is a calico kitten. Ornery yet very sweet!

Cariad and Chesterfield --the  Cornfield 2 kittens.  They arrived on 10/12 at 8 weeks old.  Their birthday is 8/17/17.  They were found in a row of a cornfield next to a cemetary.  Cariad is black, male with a bit of white on his neck and armpit and a tiny white on his tummy.  The other is Chesterfield, black and white, male, 4 white paws and is white from his chin to his bum.  Both are yet a little shy but are improving each day. 

And then there's 7 more, known as the Oxbow Litter.  These 7 were found on the road at Oxbow Lake. Severe earmites and extreme fleas. Literally hundreds on each kitten. 5 of these kittens arrived on 10/12 and the other 2 arrived this morning.  Definitely from the same litter.  They are 9 weeks old with a birthday of 8/11/17. They arrived on 10/12/17.  These kittens are extra sweet and took a major amount of work to remove all the fleas and to get the ears cleaned. I cannot imagine how itchy they were.  All are doing great now and loved to be loved on!  These Oxbow kittens consist of 4 silver/grey, 2 blacks and 1 black/white. Names coming soon.

Maya and Graciella are doing good.  Maya is learning how to get around and I think she's rather proud of herself! Graciella loves to play. She's a busy little girl in the Cat's Corner Room.  Won't be long until these 2, Ransom an Shema Anne will be out and about. 

Next week on Thursday, Hensley and Felicity are scheduled for their dental work. The staff at Dr. P's are aware that they are both CH cats. They are super attentive.  The 24th is our next HumaneOhio surgery date--it's a full schedule. 

Hoping everyone will have a wonderful week.  Fall is definitely coming. Won't be long until we start getting the outside ready for winter.  Know that each of you are appreciated by the cats, kittens and myself! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We are back from vacation. While thoroughly 100% enjoying my time on the Outer Banks with my family, I missed the cats and kitties very much.  Sunday and Monday were catch-up days and now it's time to do a blog!

We got caught up on BOXES Monday--I am grateful to each of you for your help.

LurkyLoo - 10 cans KMR, 2 bags Natures Choice, 4 - 12ct cases Natures Recipe tubs, 12 Fancy Feast appetizers, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 3 tubs Temptation Snackers, 1 giant tub Temptation snackers, Trixie cat tree (it's put together and will be used for Persian babies!)

Jean T - Case of Fancy Feast & 30 pk of Lays Chips

Wendy & Joe Vistiors - PA -  18 pks of water, Case of Friskies, Cat toys, Dog Snackers, Pop Tabs Band-Aids, Sticky Notes, Lint Rollers, Volunteer Snackers, 2 Kits Crochet Dish Sets

Gusti - Germany - Gift for Gem, Sherri & Jacci  Kitty Cookie Cutter, Guardian Angel Book Mark, Horse Pillow  (love it!)

Mr Whiskers for Spiker - Bonito Flakes & AA Batteries

Arden & Charmaine - KItty bird toy, Meooow Catnip, Yeoooow Banana, 3 mice, Cat Scratcher

Robin - Turtle pecan & Chocolate Almond Biscotti, Tub of Party Mix, Case of Friskies

Ronnie & Marie - In Memory of Lucas - 12 writing tablets, 1500 sheets printer paper, case of Posties,  3 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 6 Lint Rollers, 12 Rolls Bounty, 2 cases 13 gal Trash Bags, 24 Rolls TP, 3 - Suave Lotion, 1000 6" paper plates, 2000 6" styrofoam plates, 2000 9" styrofoam plates, 800 6" plastic plates, 2 Halloween Kits with napkins & plates,  2 cases Kitty Wipes, 2 cases Nutrish, case of 32 Friskies, case of Friskies, case of Purffectly Chicken

Plee - 2 cases appetizers

Carrie & Eric M  2 cases Friskies, 80 6" & 200 9" styrofoam plates, Pop Tabs

Vickie B - 6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat

Wolfpatch cookies for FFRC and all the winners cookies were mailed out

Wendy & Dawn - a 2018 FFRC Calendar!  Awesome!

Jose NY - a Fast Cat Wheel  (will be put together very soon!)

Zoolove/PamT - Box full of beautiful fall & kitties decorations --  You will see these soon for a special tribute to Pam.  Pam passed away 7/27 and she ordered these for FFRC the day before. 

Marilyn & Terry - UK  Kitty Card, Chicken $5
Jeanne S  - FL  Donation
Phyliss B/Kittiesmom - Card & Donation in memory of Zoolove/Pam T
Mark & Holly R - Donation in memory of Zoolove
Tom & LInda C - IL  Donation
Aline W - OH - Donation
Melissa L - NY - Donation

And here's some more thanks!  Yep, I've gotten behind from last week! Many thanks---

Msaster/Val, Whiskers, Shangel, Pebbles & Layla--doonation in memory of Zoolove
2 Anonymous Friends--donation in memory of Zoolove
Toomanytoes--donation in memory of Zoolove
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation in memory of Zoolove for the Felliz Navidad Fund
David D--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Andrew P--donation in memory of Zoolove
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Kerswill--donation for Nyla
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

You know all those BOXES that we get from Amazon?  Remember---if you go to our website at and click on that Amazon button when you order anything (to FFRC, yourself or anyone!), FFRC gets a little kick back from it! For the month of August, we received $365.53!  That's a great help!  

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Kukisi went to her new home with a wonderful mama that wants to have a lap cat. I think Kukisi will fill that need just fine! More adoptions coming up!

We also had an adoption the morning that I left for vacation--wonderful Buster! He went into a home where he is the only cat--he's able to be king of his own home!

Sad news that I must pass on.  This kind of news always saddens me to my depth. Our wonderful Leonard has passed away. I have cried a zillion tears on this.  He was hit by a car--just an hour after I left for vacation. You remember how he wouldn't stay inside the Cove--always finding ways to get out. We were resigned to him being a Porchie--free to come and go which he absolutely loved. He wandered around as only Leonard could--with happiness and a free heart. He was fascinated by the river, across the road and would always zoom across to investigate everything. What a free spirit he was. He was gone instantly, so I feel that he had no pain whatsoever. He is deeply missed. Thank you all for caring about him.

We took on 2 new kittens that needed some extra help.
MAYA--torti female--so beautiful! She's 11 weeks old with a birthday of 7/24/17. She was born 10/9/17.  Little Maya (pronounced My-Ah) was born outside, at a farmyard.  She is a moderate CH kitten with lots of gumption! The lady that lived there made sure she received enough food but outside living is no place for this CH kitty.  So....she's here at FFRC.  She's a sweetie and loves everything---cushies, food, playing!

GRACIELLA--brown tiger--ever so sweet. She arrived at 7 weeks old. She was found by a family when she was about 3-4 weeks old, very sick. A wonderful thing happened---this family took her in to see Dr. Darcy!  She's been under her treatment! Both of her eyes have been affected by a virus. One eye is totally blind. I believe she MIGHT have a tiny ray of vision in the other eye--time will tell. She was very thin upon finding her but she is doing much better now and loves her food. 

Graciella and Maya have been bunking together the last couple of days and are good friends. They will progress up to the Main Area soon. 

All is good here. Kittens are healthy. Cats are happy (and think the kittens are crazy!).  Rhulani had a bit of a cold but is doing much better now and is zooming around like crazy! I love watching Aimee Crocker and Marilyn play together--they love to play chase, tackle and run some more games! They will seek each other out to play.  Estelle has grown quite a bit--such a sweet tiger/slight torti girl. She loves to purr.  Gia is wonderful, as always. She loves being out in Bella's Place/dog run. She will purr the second you pet her! 

Mama Julianne and Nsuku are doing great. Their weights are good.  All 9 kittens are doing good. There are two that are bit tiny so they are being supplemented with KMR. Both have already gained .5 to 1 ounce already. All are active, have their eyes open and are ever so cute. When each mama (individually) is on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, we put those kittens in the blue pool on the floor.  They are switched back and forth often during the day. It won't be long though until they are able to scoot out of the pool---a couple are already trying it!  No holds will be put on these kittens yet---we need them to be a bit bigger first. 

The ABC kittens are still unspoken for. That just seems incredible to me---all are awesome, ever so sweet and super friendly. Oh.......and super ornery!  I'm saying......if I had room for 4 kittens, they'd all be in my house!  Such a wonderful group. Needs some homes for these special kitties. 

Take care to everyone! In this Fall time, please double check for fleas. Their population is still building. Cats cannot get rid of these pesky bugs without help.  Help those outside cats too--no fleas allowed! And remember........spaying and neutering---this is the real answer to the cat overpopulation problem. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Busy week!  We had BOXES on Monday evening. I so appreciate this support.
Jen/Doseoflove - Purple collar with flowers for Bonnie Moss  And she looks so beautiful!
Anony - Bag of Royal Canin Baby Cat
AnnieG & DebbieM - Case of Royal Canin Kitten, 24 jars baby food, 10 snugglie blankies
Ann, Kevin & Bailey - UK  Card with note & photo of their kitties watching FFRC - Lots of Bondi Licks and Sticks, Toys and a variety of Snackers
Ann L - Card & a  Note -4 Very Cute Halloween Kitty figures for a flash sale
Ronnie & Marie -110 13 gal Glad trash bags, 3 tubs Lysol wipes, 3 tubs Clorox wipes, 4 pkg 6" plates, 400 9" plates  12 pk of TP 100 Lg trash bags
For Thor--a memorial stone for Albert's Garden
Faithy helped with a horse show for FFRC, showed sponsorship from FFC
Elaine & Alan FL Beautiful card Handcolored by Elaine with note and Donation in memory of LittleKat
John/Catatonic - Picture he put together of Jacci sitting outside the windows of the Kabana Room with all the Resident cats and critters surrounding her...cats, dogs, chickens, horses, goat, bunny--it's just awesome!   Will be hung up in her house.  Plus a card/note with 2 Chicken $5's.

And we have more thanks to give:
Gusti--donation in memory of little Lucas, plus a donation to help with drinks for vols.
Anne L--donation in memory of Thor and Lucas.
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Jacksmom--donation in memory of sweet Pizazz who has been gone for 5 years.
Shannon S--donation for Victor, Leonard, Markus, Jackson & their friends
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Janet K--donation to FFRC for all the cats!

Here's another fun giggle! Please go to:     This one is Scene #14.  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho.  Helping Derecho is JustMe & SonJa.  Please like the video on utube if you enjoyed it. I know Derecho had a blast doing this one! 

We've had another adoption!  Odetta went to her new home! She went as an emotion support cat for a special lady. I do think Odetta will fit this need just fine. And it's ok with her new mama if she get on the counter!

We've also heard from our other adoption kitties:
David Morgan and Horace.  David Morgan is now called Trip and Horace is called Luca.  Both are doing very well and their family is so happy they adopted both of them. They are super cuddly and love to play!

Claude & Laverne.  Both have adjusted really well and are quite spoiled. They are now called Butch & Pearl!  Pearl has learned to play "tag" with her dad. 

Many of you may already know we lost a dear friend.  Zoolove/Pam Taylor passed away on Weds.  She lived in Coshocton, Ohio. She so loved all the cats here at the Rescue Center and was a wonderful supporter. Pam visited FFRC last year at Catstock time. I was so happy to have meant her in person.  She will be very missed by FFRC.  Here is her obituary:

I do need to let you know--we lost one of our Covies.  We've been having trouble with her as her health has deteriorated a bit. LeLe passed away quietly and peacefully. She was 13 years old but had seemed "old" for quite some time.  She arrived here when she was just 1 year old. LeLe came to us from a horse track where it was feared she would be hurt by the horses.  She was a wonderful sweet cat. We will miss her in the Cove.

We had BOXES today too!  Many, many thanks!
Nona--10 cases of baby food!
Justme for Vernie--2 boxes of Delectable Squeeze Ups
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby food!
Judy and Phil--big box of 6" plates, 3 pk. Clorox wipes, 8 rolls PT, 2 tubs Party Mix, case appetizers, 30 jars baby food, Twizzlers for vols.
Susan C--donation to FFRC

Tomorrow Steve and I and our family will be leaving for our vacation!  Hurricane Maria has left that area and today I was told by the rep, that the weather is beautiful! We will be back on 10/8.  Please, during that time, if possible, hold the emails, all messages and boxes! That'll help.  The volunteers and mods know how to get a hold of me if needed. 

The Persian babies are doing very well.  All are nice and plump!  Julianne and Nsuku, the mamas are also doing very well and keeping their weight on.  Shalimar is one big kitten. He also has his eyes open! The others will follow soon in opening their eyes. They are also starting to wander a bit in their condos, which is fine. Today we have added plexiglass to the front of all 4 condos for their safety. No crawly baby walking thru the front! They are safe. When mamas are down on the floor now, we have to shut their condo pen door so no one falls out that way either.  Just 4 weeks or so, we'll have babies waddling around! 

Take care and have a great upcoming weekend. I'll see you all again on the 8th! I'd just like to say an extra big thanks to you all.  Life is unpredictable. You all are appreciated by me. Just want you to know that. Big hugs and thanks for your friendship and your support of this Rescue Center.  


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2015

What a great day!  We will have a week of upper 80's. Yes, the humidity is high but what a way to usher in the Fall!  Leaves are turning, flowers are getting tired--a truly beautiful time of the year.

Our Flash Sale on Friday was super! We made $1,539.  Steve has already written off some bills and have the envelopes in the mail! I thank you for helping us with this. Thanks to those that donated the items, to the mods who are awesome at helping with these sales, to those that purchased or tried to purchase the items. And a big thanks to Mich and Vern for doing the sale! I am grateful.

We have more thanks to give too!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Conii--donation to FFRC in memory of Lucas 
BillieK--donation to FFRC in memory of Thor and Lucas
Elisabeth W from GA--donation to FFRC

We had another two adoptions! Laverne and Claude! Two wonderful kittens. They went to the same home and was much waited for. Their new life as belonging to a family and a home have begun! 

Update from the vets on Friday. Laverne was spayed. Bailey O had her tail amputation. She has approximately a half tail and she feels better. That must've hurt her as she is much bouncier now! Such a sweet girl! 

And the best news of all--Marilyn is now spayed and her umbilical hernia is repaired--no more worry on that. She had an EKG done. More info on that later but it was safe enough for her to have an anesthetic! She came back to FFRC with a port in just in case we needed to quickly administer meds. But, she bounced back so fast and was rearing to go, so the port was removed fairly quickly and off she went! 

We have names!!  I want to thank all those who participated in sending in a name and donation to name the baby persians. We have 9 kittens and received 32 names.  I whispered to the babies different names for their wishes.......yep, it's true!  Obviously, we have far more names than babies. All those names not picked will go over to the regular Name a Cat list.

Calico girl          Lynn
White girl           Paris
White girl           Mally
White girl           Marshmellow

Calico girl          Purlissa
Bl/wh girl           Moana
More tan boy     Gingersnap
tan/white boy     Arvin
White boy           Shalimar

All babies and mamas are doing wonderful.  They were weighed yesterday--each and every baby has a good weight gain.

Please remember that I will be leaving early on the 29th and won't get back until the 8th early.  Because of no BOXES during that time, if it's possible, maybe box sending could be minimized so we don't block up the office! Thanks for understanding. 

Remember our website!  It's awesome! If you haven't visited it yet, it's at   You'll enjoy it!  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

Shhhh---I'm being stared at.  Gia is directly above me. She knows if I look at her and say "ok, come", she will come and jump into my lap.  I love it but imagine a 20lb cat in your lap! She curls up as tight as she can and then falls fast asleep while I maneuver over her to the keyboard.  I'll hold her off for a little bit yet! 

We had an adoption this morning! Sweet little Lloyd went to his new home. His family came to get him so that he will be in the home waiting for her to return from school! She is going to love Lloyd, I'm very sure! What a wonderful kitten. And he keeps his name!

We had another adoption on Weds.  Branston went to his new home. Branston went to very good friends--Sue and Ray. Sue helps us every single time in surgery and Ray was a big part of building Earth Angels. Sue took one look at Branston last Saturday and fell for him. He's going to be a spoiled boy! 

Just an FYI---Gia has moved a bit closer---I can feel her eyes on me!

I want to catch you up on Kismit and Goldiedots.  They did end up at the same home.  These were off cam adoptions.  Goldiedots first, followed by the need to have Kismit too!  All is good.

I have an update on Seymour. He is doing wonderful.  He's enjoying having just people company.  He gets stroll abouts every single day. His room is so very nice and comfortable and he's loving it.  All is good in Seymour world.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. You are so very appreciated!
LJ - 4 Cases of Friskies ,1 each of Lamb and Clam, TastyTreasures, Tiny Treasures w/ Cheese, and Turkey Giblets,  4 Tasty Treasures, 2 Extra Gravy Chunky.
Anonymous - 2 Containers of (Bonito) Pania Flake Bags.
SophieluciesDad ( Michael ) - 14 Bags of Snacks--Party Mix & Temptations
Dawn M. - 8 Cushy Leopard Beds, 9 cats of Temptations and Party Mix Snacks.
Maria and Ronnie H. - 4 Reams of Teal Paper, 1 Case Goldfish, 2  boxes of Snyders' Snacks, 45 Count of Austin Crackers, 20 pk. Cookies/Crackers Snacks, 2 Large Bags of  Buttermint Cremes Candy, *** added bonus - Really Nice Bag.
Allen and Elaine - 1 40lb Bag of Precious Cat Litter, 4 Cases of Friskies, 1 Case of
Fancy Feast, 1 Case of Appetizers.
Plee - 4 Cases of Perfectly Chicken packets.
Sue M. (MacnCheese& Doodles mom) - sent picture from her calendar of a kitty that looks a lot like Derecho.  and a donation to be used wherever necessary.
Janice and Randy P. - (Hawaii) - Fund to Name a Cat 
Clarke, Jessie, and kitty family - Birthday Cards for Covies: Charlie (age 11), 
 Lele (age 13), LaDonna, lost to us in 2015 (RIP), and Honey (also lost in 2015. )
Linda B. (friend of Donna-- relative of Clark and Jessie from Ann Arbor-donation.

NONA--24 cans of liquid KMR
June/painteddaisy--as she says--stuff!
John & Pat, visitors--bird seed and suet

We sure all enjoyed Catstock. Here's a way to review it!  Special Edition Catstock 2017, directed by Derecho, designed by JustMe and thanks to everyone who posted pics on chatters.
Remember to "like" if you do! 

We have 3 cats at the vets right now. Marilyn, Laverne and Bailey O.  Unfortunately LJ is 1 1/2 ounces too light for his neuter.  So, Bailey O took his place to get her tail fixed. We will get LJ in for his neuter very quickly so he can be adopted.

We've gone thru the range of emotions here today. Love those adoptions. Anxious for surgeries to be done. And....we have a loss.  This morning, out little Lucas passed away.  Sunday morning he was very poor and dehydrated. We were able to quickly work on that. For a couple days he ate well, had energy and even walked around a bit. But the underlying problem was still there--a probable respiratory virus. This morning, he woke and was very tired and would not eat his breakfast. He passed being held and told he was loved.  Thank you for loving him and keeping him close in your thoughts and prayers.

Please let's stay on the positive side about Lucas and with any cat or kitten that may pass. Yes, we would love for them all to "make it"--to thrive, to have a long life. But, of course, that is not possible. Many of these cats and kittens arrive here in very poor condition. We can just do the best we can, along with our vet's help, to help them feel better.  I would rather remember that these deaths were not "out there", with the cat or kitten being all alone. But, they were here, knowing a bit of comfort, love, warmth, food.  And.......we go forward. Always ready to help the next one. 

The mamas Julianne and Nsuku continue to do well as are their babies. All 9 have such round tummies--so nice to see.  Won't be long until their eyes will be opening. 

And yes, Gia was given the "ok, come" and is now snugged in for a lap nap!  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Weds, September 20, 2017

Wow--I don't even know where to start. Busy times and changes here.

The Persian mamas are doing good. Both are now caring 100% for their own babies.  Julianne has been cleaning and feeding her babies just fine now. And Nsuku too is cleaning and feeding. All 9 babies have such round plump tummies! Many times during the day the mamas are out and about in the back Thumper's Room but they go right back to their babies to nap and feed. Babies are all clean and peacefully sleeping. Names soon for them!

Little Lucas has had a rough time. He decided to quite eating. He declined quickly and became very dehydrated.  Today is the third day and just this morning, I feel he's a tiny bit better. We've been giving fluids and syringe feeding often. Unfortunately his sutures to hold his lip together have failed. I've talked to Dr. Darcy about this and this will be taken care of later. This morning he even walked about a bit on the floor. But, he's back in his cozy pen for a nap. We will continue to syringe feed him as he is not yet eating again by himself. Klaus is keeping him good company off and on.

We also had 3 other kittens that were "off" Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. But I noticed this morning that all 3 are now eating with eagerness and up and about. A good sign that all is well.

We have thanks to give---you are appreciated!
Gill from England--a donation to FFRC
Marilyn Sobers--donation for snacks for the awesome volunteers
Sven W from Germany--donation to FFRC
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho & Lucie
Fran D--donation in honor of Julianne and Nsuku on the birth of their babies
Channel Wall Street Streamer--donation to FFRC
Jeanette P--donation to FFRC

We took 2 cats in on Monday late afternoon.
Flamepoint--unfortunately this wonderful cat did not survive. I'm very sorry to have to tell you this. It is thought that he was a CH cat, left outside. It is truly unknown whether he also got hit by a car or possibly wound up in the trash and wire that was in his environment. He'd already been released from wire before. The people involved in this rescue were so kind to bring him in--only wanting good things for him. And that is what we were hoping for. He never recovered but steadily and quickly went downhill. He passed away very early the next morning. I so wanted to give him a good life. I'm grateful he was here though--his tummy was full and he enjoyed hugs and kisses. 

The second cat we took in almost at the same time as the flamepoint is a Himalayan. This is the first Himalayan since we had Putter. Putter was super awesome and truly the bestest hugger cat in the world.  He was affectionately called (and deservedly so)  Sheriff Putter.  This new cat is approximately 2 years old.  I saw that with a question as I am not positive yet. Tentatively we will place his birthdate at 7/7/15.  He was a shared rescue by several people, one of which is our volunteer Patcat. He had been found under a deck of an empty house. His back area is very thin furred.  The rest of his body was heavy with mats. Some we were able to pull gently out as they were just hanging on him, some had to be shaved out and some were combed out. He was very dirty and had a good bubble bath to remove all the dirt. His nails were very long and were trimmed. And he was so very hungry.  He tolerated all of this so nicely. He is already neutered and is declawed on the front. 

Now.........he has a name! After much thought, he is given the name Deputy Donovan.  Deputy in honor of Sheriff.  Donovan means Dark Warrior. And in our book, it means Dark Cat Warrior. I feel quite sure he has fought hard to survive. No cat could possibly be a recent owned cat in the condition that he was found. Donovan has been tested, vaccinated and wormed. Today when we opened the door to the front Thumper's Room, he rather quickly came up.  This rescue living will take a little adjustment for Donovan but I do believe he is going to enjoy it. He seems to be a gentle soul.  

We have our surgery dates made. 
This Friday--Marilyn, LJ and Laverne will be going up.  LJ (if he weighs enough) will be neutered.  Laverne will be spayed.  Marilyn will have an EKG and echogram to make sure her heart is safe enough for her spay and hernia repair. Her umbilical hernia is quite large and it's time to get this taken care of, if her tests show she can handle the anesthetic.

October 19--Hensley and Felicity will receive their dentals and mouth x-rays.  The vet office is away that they are both CH cats and that Hensley is also a seizure cat.

October 27--Farrah and Paddy Purr will receive their dentals and mouth x-rays. They know that Farrah is a seizure cat and that Paddy Purr has a small murmur.

And I have another date to give you! On September 29 my family and I will be going to North Carolina again for a week of vacation--family time, ocean fun, lots of fun things planned to do together, rest and relaxation and book reading down on the beach!. We will return sometime on October 8.  All is covered here. Connie D will be doing breakfasts for me and giving meds. Connie S will care for my mom. The other volunteers are here and ready to do their normal things.  They all make it possible for me to leave! During this time, I will not be on my computer or phone. The mods and volunteers know though they can reach me.  

Great news!  We will have a Flash Sale by Mich and Vern this coming Thursday at 2:30ish. Come join the fun! This will help FFRC to pay some bills! 

Take care and enjoy this wonderful day!