Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

It is done. A very long surgery day and now it's over and all are safe. That's the whole goal---safe surgeries!  Dr. Darcy and Amber are superb and our pre and post surgery team is fantastic. Many thanks to them too--Lynnette, Sue B, Becky, Dawn E, Donnajb, Pabl and Mary Braid.   A total wonderful group of people that help us accomplish such a day.

We did 25 surgeries!  15 males and 10 females.  Here's the breakdown:
Males:  Arlo, Brody, Clay, Coco, Billy Boots, Allman, Anchor, Storm, Smitty, Darzin, Valley, Valentine, Satori, Horace and 1 public male kitten

Females:  Brenna, Betty Boots, Estelle, Denise, Shelly, Sheila, Gretl, Gudrid, DJ and 1 public female

Here's our grand 2017 total:  We've done 327 females and 224 males making a total of 541! Our 2016 total at this same time was 354.  We are striving to do more and more spays/neuters. Our next surgery date is this Friday with HumaneOhio!

You might notice that Kukisi was not spayed.  Apparently her body didn't like the kind of drugs we used and her lungs were not fully inflating. So....her surgery was cancelled just for safety. We will get her scheduled soon though because she is spoken for. And different meds will be used.  Even though we use meds here every single day for many different purposes, it's important to always remember---be cautious and be safe with them.

Our tshirt sale is still on! It runs to August 25. Check it out on facebook.  The design is wonderful---it's Larissa's Harlequin cat. The shirt is in a really nice color--a dark teal. Sizes actually come in small to 5xl.  For this sale, we are doing pre-sales!  You can send a paypal at  Prices are $20 with the 2xl to 5xl being $25. 

Thanks to Jatcat for the Magic pom pom's---he's a happy boy!

Once again, we have taken on two new little kittens. They arrived at the door Friday evening, in a box, carried by a little boy. As you can guess, we are very full appears this little guy was told that he could not come home with these kittens. Apparently too, there was a dog involved that wanted to do harm to the kitties. So, we now have 2 more kittens.
Laverne--a calico with a bit of tigerness, white whisker pads.  
Katmandu--a brown tiger with a white chin and white whisker pads
These names are from our Name a Cat list.  They are 6 weeks old and their birthday is 7/7/17. Welcome home, little babies.

The two white persians, Nsuku and Julianne are doing good. They are now eating and sure enjoy being petted.  We have opened their condo doors and they can now come out into the back Thumper's Room as they please. I would also like to let you know these two Persians are both pregnant and due sometime the middle of September. By that time, I hope they are fully acclimated to the Main Area.  But, close to birthing time will probably go to the back Thumper's Room again. 

All is good.  Kittens are healthy. Cats are very happy. Let's enjoy this wonderful Sunday! 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Meds ready?  check   Blankies ready?  check    Oxygen ready?  check    All the people lined up to help?    check    Pizza ordered for lunch?   check    List made up for surgeries?   check    Anesthetic machine ready?    check     Autoclave ready?    check        Kittens ready?  That I'm not so sure!  We are expecting a busy hopping day tomorrow! What this means is that we will be almost all spayed/neutered group of cats. Not 100% yet but close!  

We have thanks to give since we had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you.
Annie and Debbie (Our_Gang & CrazyCatLady) - Lg Blue Cube Cat Toy, 2 litters

Anonymous friend--3 cases of Friskies, 1 case of 32 of Friskies seafood

Kitty Lover - 5 cases of Gerber Baby Food Chicken with Gravy
Anonymous  Friend--1 case of 24 rolls of Sparkle Select A Size
Judy T--3 bags of Purina One Kitten Dry Food
Nona - 24 Large can of KMR
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of 32 cans of Friskies, 1 case of 32 cans of Friskies, 1 case of 32 cans of Friskies Whitefish.

Anonymous - Treats for Volunteers  We have pretzels, assorted chips/doritos, Crispy treats, cheese crackers, popcorn, granola barns, CheezIts, Fruit snacks!!
Pat (Thursday Night Vol) -- 2 Large Pink Bath Towels, 2 Large Beach Towels, Cat Tracking Toy & 1 box Rachel Rays Dry cat food.
Julie and David - Birthday Card for Hensley with a Chicky $5

We also have more thanks to give:
Newfiedogmom--donation to FFRC
Christine H from Australia--donation to FFRC
Sharon E--donation to FFRC
Joan L--donation to FFRC

We have taken on several new cats and a kitten.
HORACE--a sweet little black kitten with a tiny white bit of fur on his throat. He's 9 weeks old and has been cared for by a lady who cannot keep him due to an extended vacation. His birthday is June 16, 2017.  He's a sweet and friendly kitten. 

NSUKU--pronounced nn-sue-koo, which means gold. And she certainly has beautiful big gold eyes. Nsuku is a full blooded white persian.  She's a little shy but welcomes our pets and sweet talk. Her birthday is 8/1/15

JULIANNE--another beauty! She is a white full blooded persian also. Her birthday is 7/1/15. She's a bit more outgoing and certainly likes attention! 

These two persians were shaved a couple months ago so their fur is not the long lavish persian fur length yet. But....they are so soft and their fur is in the process of growing out. 

We had our Fun-Raiser last night! What an exciting evening that was. 

Here's some of the details:
Item A--Bob Bonn portraits--30 tickets sold  $150
Item B--Wanda's Portrait--64 tickets sold  $320
Item C--Cat Wheel--161 tickets sold   $805
Item D--Keyboard/stand--33 tickets sold   $165
Item E--Kuranda Tower--166 tickets sold   $830
Item F--Walter, Walter, Walter--24 tickets sold   $120
Item G--Bago Quilt--83 tickets sold   $415
Item H--iPad Air 2--171 tickets sold   $855

This total came to $3660.  But........we had some bump ups!  We love those bumps! The total climbed to $4,200!  I am so very deeply grateful for this. These surgeries that we do, although they are much reduced in price, still cost us. And at the numbers we are doing, the total cost climbs!  I am thrilled to say that we have enough money to cover all of the surgeries for tomorrow and then a bit to set aside.  Please.....know how very grateful I am for this.  You, our webcam friends, totally rock! 

Thank you to the mods and admins for promoting the fun-raiser, to all those that purchased the items for the sale, to the ticket buyers and to the encouraging congrat people!  The cats threw a party for you all last night, in your honor---chicken, tuna and sardines galore!  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weds., August 16, 2017

Where are these weeks going to?  Going by so fast.  I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the mass about of cats and kitties???!  

The 18 kittens that have been in the back Thumper's Room are now up to the Main Area full time.  They spent their first night up last night. They have fit right in and can play full speed with the other kittens. We are definitely doing the kitty-shuffle-walk here. 

We've had 2 more adoptions!  Braewyn was adopted to his new family. I've already heard from his new family--he loves the toys and hair band toys and to cuddle. The pictures are so sweet. He fit right in too! And Olle went to the family that adopted Tucker earlier in the week. This made Tucker very happy to have a kitty friend to play with.  All is good!

We have many kittens on hold. We just have to have their spays/neuters done before they can leave.  Saturday is our FFRC surgery date. This will keep us busy. I don't think we'll make it thru our entire list but we will make sure those that have holds on them get done.  

The complete list is:
Females:  Betty Boots, Estelle, Kukisi, Denise, Shelly, Sheila, Gretl, Gudrid.
Males: Ramsay, Valentine, Valley, Darzin, Smitty, Storm, Anchor, Allman, Billy Boots, Coco, Clay, Brody and Arlo.

We will also have quite a few public cats that we committed to spaying and neutering. These we must do per our commitment

We had BOXES on Monday evening.  Your support is always very important to us. Thanks!
Annie G/crazycatlady & Debbie M/our_gang--  2 wedge scratchers, a W scratcher, Bowl scratcher, Couch scratcher, 9 crinkle fish toys, 2 Tunnels & Precious Litter

Anonymous Friend--- 24 ct. Planters Peanuts Variety, Snack Survival Kit with a variety of goodies

Mr & Mrs Medic  Case of Fancy Feast

Plee - Purina Weight Circles & Fresh Step Paw Points

Anonymous friend----24 rolls of paper towels

Zoolove---a very cute wood carved kitty stool

Plus, more thanks!
Debra E--donation to FFRC
Jean C--donation to FFRC, loves watching the ustream!
Anne L--donation to cover two kitten spay/neuter & a treat for Magic
DiAnna A--donation to FFRC (adopted Sparkey and Friskey)
Lana H--donation to FFRC
The kind person who brought Ramsay here: gift card for Pet Smart, kitty snackers, plates, trash bags, PT, Clorox wipes, copy paper, can food

Ramsay the new Ch kitten is doing wonderful. He's figuring things out! We have been putting him in Cat's Corner Room though for nighttime. 

I'd like to put this out there---a super big giant thanks to our volunteers.  They are superb and the best in the world. The care they give, the compassion, the time and all that they do---it's just wonderful. We would not be able to function without them. 

We took on two new kittens. 
LJ--for Lloyd Jr.  He is a tiny brown tiger, 3 1/2 weeks old, just 13 ounces but is eating by himself!  He was found by himself and brought to FFRC. His birthday is 7/21/17. He's a happy boy and sure can purr. He loves his stuffed white goose that's in his pen with him to snuggle with.  He and Lloyd will be good friends, I'm sure. 

Florence--female, longhair grey tiger.  This little girl should be called Lucky Florence. She's 6 1/2 weeks old, weighs 1.08. Her birthday is 7/1/17.  She was on a busy street when a semi truck drove right over her (not ON her, but over the top of her).  The wind force rolled her into the other lane where another vehicle did the same thing. This driver saw her then in his rearview mirror all huddled along the side and so he stopped. Her only injuries is a very sore hip area. That should be better in a couple days. Such a pretty little girl.

LJ and Florence are "housing" together in the top pen of the front Thumper's Room.  We'll keep them there until Florence feels better and LJ is a bit bigger. we come!  Only 24 more days! I just talked to the band Strawberry Hill and they are ready to join us! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ramsay is his name and sweetness is his game. This cutie just arrived yesterday. He's a siamese CH kitten and his birthday is 5/19/17.  He's just 12 weeks old. He arrived from Zanesville, OH where a lady has been caring for him. Right now we are putting him as a moderate Ch. We have him in the front Thumper's Room in a pen for just a little while. We want to give his vaccines a day or two yet (which he's now received) before we put him down. Such a friendly boy with super determination! He will fit right in and add his excitement to the kitty clan!

Like to laugh?  The newest Giggle Video is ready for your viewing! And you will extra love the music! It's from Mike C who came to Catstock years ago and sang to us. One of my favorite songs of his is Putter! The link is:    Enjoy!   It's directed by Derecho and he'd appreciate if you'd "like" the video if you enjoyed it!

We had BOXES Thursday evening. You all are so wonderful and much appreciated!
nycbird/Nona - 50 jars Beechnut Baby Food

mls9690 - 1,000 potty bags, 2 books of stamps, Box Tops, Purina weight circles, about 12 kitty whiskers

Julie C with Anna Marie & Mellow  - Lg & Sm cans of Friskies, Nutrish cups, Broths

Anony - 16 bottles Mr. Clean

Betty & Kirk R - 2 cases Science Diet KD

Vicki B - 6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat

Barbi D & Kitties -Donation and homemade brownies and coffeecake for Vols in honor of Lucie

Melissa L  NY - Donation

Theresa H - IN  Donation

Roberta  S - OH Donation in memory of Asseenta G from PA

Painteddaisy/June - Sponsorship for Joyful

Plus, we have more!
Susan B--donation for Spiker
Rita & Eddie--a special thanks for their help with their donation, from UK
Katrina S from FL--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with medical expenses for Marilyn & GoldieDots & David Morgan
Gusti--donation in honor of her Little Dot and his brother Double Dot
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

We've had two more adoptions! Love these adoptions. 
 Little PATRICK, our white male kitten was adopted by Dennis who was a past volunteer for us. Dennis always took care of the Covies and he still comes back to visit. He visited quite a few times before the adoption to make sure Patrick knew him before taking him home.
TUCKER also was adopted by a wonderful new mama. Her entire family has been a part of FFRC in the past and we've adopted several kittens to this family.  Tucker will be super loved!

We have more kittens on hold, others being looked at. Sometimes I think as I'm looking at all the kittens and cats, how hard that would be to just pick one or two. They are all so fun, so friendly and playful.  I love it when the kitten or cat picks the owner!

When you come to FFRC next, check out the cast iron bell!  It''s right by the welcome signs by the entrance door.  I love it and always have to give it a ring once a day! Thanks to our donor friend who gave this to us!

Farm news:  the horses are doing great.  Benny, the rescue, looks like a "normal" horse now. His fur is great, his attitude is awesome, his feet look good and his wounds are healed. The baby ducks are now as big as their mama. The guinea hen still hangs out with the duck family! The Barnie cats are happy and healthy.

On Monday, we have our next Fun-Raiser, the first one since Catathon. There are 8 items, begins early on Monday and ends on Thursday at 9:00 am.  The drawing will be Thursday evening at 6:00 with BOXES at 5:30 pm.   Watch for the video on chat and the pics on facebook!  Lots of great items!  This fun-raiser will go to help us with the many many surgeries coming up.  We have a heap of kittens to get spayed and neutered!!

A week from today is the FFRC surgery day. This coming week we will work on the list of who will be spayed/neutered.  We will start with those that have holds on them already so we can get them into their new homes.  The list will be coming next week!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!  And..........grab a cat that isn't spayed or neutered yet and help resolve that! YOU can help make a huge difference in the cat overpopulation problem.  There are so many low cost spay/neuter clinics!  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kitties here..kitties there.....kitties everywhere. All are healthy, very active, much orneriness and of course full of love and purrs.  The back Thumper's Room kitties have now progressed to including the front Thumper's Room.  When that back door is opened, they literally zoom out! 

We've heard back from Zorro and Della's family. They are doing very well and both the people and the kittens are happy!  We also saw Paisley and Helga yesterday---oh my goodness, they look wonderful and so very happy!  We talked to the new dad of Buddy Bubbles and had all good stories to tell about him! They are calling him Buddy. And Finn---I've talked to the new mama---she dearly loves this boy. Finn fit in immediately, sleeps with her and follows her around all day!  

We had BOXES Monday night.  So many thanks sent your way!

Anony - Case of Fancy Feast

Anony - 5 Tubs Clorox Wipes

Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - Trucker Tie Dye Shirt ❤

Nancy J/StarAngel - Thank You card with donation

Mary D - CT - Kitty Card with donation in memory of TinyToe

Kelly S MD - Purina weight circles

Plee - case of Purrrfectly Chicken

Gusti  Germany - 36 cans 9-Lives, Case of Friskies, 6 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 2 Wellness Puppy Bites

Annie G & Debbie M - TX  4 pretty bath towels, 4 comfy cat beds & 4 beach towels

Jenny & Brent - Canada Branch - 600 9" plates, 12 tubs Clorox wipes, 24 rolls paper towels.

Janet K -- donation to FFRC

Tom W--donation to FFRC 

We have a new kitten! He's a very little guy--about 5 weeks old now.  He arrived 8/7 at 1.01 lbs. Just a tiny boy.  But, he's active and eating good. He was found all by his lonesome in a yard. He had a slight URI, has been on antibiotics and is so very much better. Lloyd is a happy kitten!

Have you seen Spiker playing with the track ball toy?  His concentration and aiming power is wonderful! He has so much fun doing this. Pania's remaining eye is staying stable now and she hasn't had anymore of of those activity "things" she was doing. Such a happy girl! Lucie sure makes us smile. She so loves her plates of food, gets very excited, even "walks" towards us with a happy face. We sure do appreciate her happy attitude. My buddy Magic is here right beside my desk--his usual morning spot!

We had two kittens go to the vet's office on Tuesday.  Little Marilyn went up for her spay and hernia repair. But....things changed. Remember when she first arrived we were told it sounded like she had a heart murmur. Her heart was checked upon arrival on Tuesday and it's even more pronounced. Now a probable 4 out of 6 heart murmur is heard.  An echo was done. It appears she has a hole/defect in her heart wall which allows for the blood to mix inappropriately from one chamber to another. Her right side of the heart is bigger. Bottom line is her heart will never be normal. What do we do now?  Let her enjoy her life to the fullest! We will take her back in about 2 months for another echo.  Her hernia repair and spay is not right now, top priority.  Her heart is. Whatever happens, her life is full of fun, activity and being happy. 

I had mentioned earlier that GoldieDots had a rectal prolapse.  After reinserting it on Friday morning, it stayed in just fine........until Tuesday morning. It prolapsed again and this time she had to have surgery to reinsert and have a "purse string" suture around the anal area to keep all intact.  Now we have another problem today.....her "purse string" apparently is a bit too small as she is unable to poo.  After receiving meds to help with softening the stool to no avail, she will be going back to vet's today. She'll be sedated and receive a new temporary bigger opening! After all of this, in 2 weeks, that suture will be removed and hopefully all stays put. GoldieDots is such a wonderful kitten. Her mama is Kismit.  GoldieDots just wants to get this all over and done so we can find her a super home! She's a happy girl that easily purrs and so enjoys people.  Please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers today. She will be returning today. 

Everything is good here.  We're hopping busy but that's what makes this Rescue Center click! More adoptions coming up too! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday August 6, 2017 & Catstock Info!

A zillion thank yous for such a successful Flash Sale on Friday afternoon, by Mich and Vern! Big thanks to the mods for their help, for the supporters of this sale, for the people who provided items for the sale and to all of you who have cheer for all the goings-on for the Flash Sale! This Sale produced $1,720 for FFRC--and will be applied to our operational needs. Much appreciated! Items will be going out the door the very beginning of the week! 

We had two more adoptions! Zorro and sister Della (now called Zoey) went to their new home together on Saturday! Two wonderful kittens. The little girl of the family was so very happy! 

We had BOXES on Saturday evening! YOU are appreciated! 
Zoolove - Cute Kitty T-Shirt
Tom & Linda C - IL  Donation
Gusti - 5 Yeowwwww Bananas  Coralie and Zelda made sure they got theirs!  
Annie G & Debbie M - 6 pk lg cans Chicken, Box of baby food, Case of Royal Canin Baby Cat, Bag of Royal Canin Adult, Case of Friskies, & Tub of Temptations snackers
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - 2 Medium Cat in a Back Pack Shirts, 2 blue bath towels
Tabbycat - Locked money box
Andre & Suzanne with Freemont & Lorenzo - 900 kitty wipes & case of Appetizers
Joanie & Nieces  - 4 Buckets of Tidy Cat
Justme - Just Stuff!
Visitors - Hawkins Family - Whiskas pkts, Case of Friskies, 2 Snackers, Kitty Magnets
Leggygal - Adoption bags, Leggydews & Biggiedews

More thanks too!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Melvin S--donation to FFRC

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are growing very quickly.  We are going to wait an additional 1-2 days before "the running of the Thumper's Room kittens" up to the Main area.  We've been having them on the second cam quite a bit. This particular group of kittens are going to make your mind whirl---remembering their names! So many twins! All so cute, of course! 

A few dates coming up:
August 8, Tuesday--Marilyn goes to vets for spay/hernia repair
August 19, Saturday--FFRC surgery date (no public as we need every spot we can get!)
August 25, Friday--HumaneOhio Transport 
September 5, Tuesday--HumaneOhio Transport
September 9, Saturday--CATSTOCK

I'd like to explain Catstock to you all.  We're due for a change! And that comes with Catstock.  To put it simply--I'm trying to find a bit more time. My mom needs a bit more of my time and so I need to widdle down my busy-iness a tad bit. But........have no fear--2017 Catstock is going to be better than ever!  The planning is different in that it doesn't really involve all the children's games--we are cutting back on that. That will mean less organizing those games and less money as we will only need one tent. 

Here's what is happening. We always have a lot of adults attending--many are our very own volunteers and cam friends! So things are centered on:

2017 Catstock...a Time for Friends, Fun, Food and Enjoyment! That is the theme and here are the fun things planned!

BBQ--hamburgers/hotdogs & vegetable packs and lots more!
Front Fire Ring:   s'mores
Popcorn Machine

BAND---of course we have STRAWBERRY HILL-- will be here from 1:00 to 4:00!
POSTER BOARD/PAINT--"We are The Helping Hands of FFRC"--add your painted hands on the poster along with your name!
FFRC CAT BINGO--the whole bingo board is full of FFRC cats--winners receive prizes!
GIANT TIC/TAC/TOE--2 sets of this fun game for anyone to play!
CORN HOLE--2-3 games can be played anytime
HORSESHOES--the pits are ready for some horseshoeing!
50/50 DRAWING--hope you'll be the lucky winner
SCAVENGER HUNT--it's all about FFRC places! Fun and some very interesting things to find out about FFRC! Fun and easy & learn out some things about FFRC!
5-6 GUESSING GAMES--do at your leisure--winners get a prize
ROPE MAKER-- We have 2 sets of old-fashiooned rope makes--can make your cat a toy!
PIONEER/OLDSTER TOYS--have fun with these items! 
GIANT YAHTZEE--who can get that Yahtzee?  Prizes to high winners!
LET'S SHOW 'EM OFF---bring a wallet size or small picture of your pets to go on our poster!
CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN--who can resist that yummy chocolate?
FRIEND'S EXCHANGE TABLE--bring something from home that represents something about you---put on table to share.  If you bring an item, can take an item (or can bring 5, take 5!) 
GROWN UP CHALK FUN--we get to "scribble" designs on the parkiing lot by the shelter house!   We have chalk spray, sparkles and giant chalk!
MAGIC MURAL--it's a 4' x 4' mural of a cat---everyone can pitch in to color it! 

And of course, we still need to dress the part (if you'd like) and be a far-out "hippie" for the day!  We will have a committee to decide the coolest outfit, for a special prize! 

Come for the day, come for the whole weekend, just come and have fun! This is all about YOU and enjoying yourself and FFRC! 


Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

Meow!  Zip and Dash!  Purr! Zoom! Chirps and Trills! Jump and Leap! Chatter! Madly running around!  Yep--that's what is going on in the back Thumper's Room! Currently, we have 17 kittens in this room. Their energy level is sky high. And what fun to watch them play. This is an another awesome group of kittens.  We will probably wait another day or two before giving them "Main Room" privileges. 

Our surgery cats from Tuesday are doing just fine.  David Morgan is having a little issue. His poor little mouth is so very sore. Sometimes he plays and sometimes he doesn't. Hoping each day is better for him. We have him on soreness meds.  Rowland is doing great--he ate a good breakfast today too.  Pania continues to get her two doses of PB a day. So far, no new episodes! 

We know that many folks have been having trouble with ustream.  Here is what happened: The internet has become overloaded with users and had reached it's limit on HTTP. So, a new system called HTTPS (HTML5) was brought in as it has bigger ability for more users.   If you are having trouble with our webcam/chat, here's a great way to continue to watch and chat:  go to our website at    Click on 24/7 kitty cam.  Presto---the cam and chat is there! Enjoy the cats and your chat! 

We had BOXES Tuesday---lots and lots of thanks being given to you!
Anony - 9 pkgs Snackers Variety
Anony - Case of Sheba, Case of Fancy Feast, Cast of 36ct Fancy Feast, case of 32ct Friskies
Jatcat - new sprayer for the grooming tub
Anony - 2 cases Friskies pkts
Nancy J - Case of Fancy Feast
Anony - 4 tubs Temptation Snackers, 1 Tub Party Mix Snackers
Eric & Vanessa S --  Happy 7th Birthday Paddy Cakes & Paddy Purr--- 9' plates, case of 32ct Friskies, Gigantic Tub of Temptation Snackers
Joyce R/Stinkygreykitty - TX  4 flower headbands, 2 Tye Dye Bandannas, 4 Tye Dye Shirts (for Catstock!)  &  Adoption stickers.  
Deb 11111 - MN  3 cases 32ct Friskies, 4 cases 24ct Friskies
Volunteer Andrew - 2 bags of snackers for Cami & Janie
Aileen - OH  Donation for FFRC
Realty Five - $52.50 Donation from sale of a house 
Carol H  VA  Donation for Mary in memory of Tinytoes
Ron & BarbW/GrannyFaith - VA  Sponsorship for Spiker
Jeanne S  FL  Donation for FFRC
Susan C  OH  Donation for FFRC
Nancepants our wonderful Mod - Photos of the handsome duo of Whobe and Wendell, Weight Circles, and whiskers from Whobe (fake one is from Wendell LOL)
Schinn --our wonderful Mod with Cleo & Ralph--- happy 7th BD Paddy Boys with 2 Chicken $5
Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 7th Birthday -Paddy Cakes & Paddy Purr  2 Chicken $5
Elaine & Alan - hand colored card by Elaine and Donation in memory of Littlekat

And we have more thanks!
Rita & Eddie M--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC

Ready for a giggle?!  FFRC's Giggle show Scene 10 is now ready!  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, directed by our one and only Derecho! Please "like" the video on utube if you enjoy!

Our FlashSale is ON today! There was the possibility of us having to postpone it due to the ustream trouble, but we are good to go now!  Just go to our website and click on 24/7 kitty cam.  Thanks to Mich and Vern for doing this sale.  We were sure hoping to be able to do this today as it's been a while since we've done one.......and FFRC is in need of this. Many thanks for watching, participating, helping!  

We took on a new kitten. Her name is Gretl. This is a little snowshoe siamese that came to FFRC after being found on a country road, all by herself.  How do these things happen?  No matter...Gretl is happy and a real zoom kitty! She's found lots of kittens to play with---her energy level is high! Her birthday is 6/1/17. Welcome, Gretl! 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yeah! Another Spay/Neuter Day for FFRC! We appreciate that people really do want to get their cats spayed or neutered. It truly makes a difference!  I noticed on this transport that more than half were kittens and that mamas were already spayed.  It’s nice to be working on the “current generation”!

Today we sent up 50 cats and kittens. 21 were males and 29 were females. This makes our total now at 526---317 females and 209 males.  Big thanks to Lynnette, Mary Braid, Donnajb and Connie D for your help with the check in.  The neuter/spay truck will return about 5:30 ish so we can then release the cats back to their owners.

Included in that 50 are 3 of our FFRC cats--Aimee Crocker (female) and Patrick (male) and Tucker (male).

We have some thanks to give!  YOU are appreciated.
Shannon S—donation to FFRC for Leonard, Victor, Markus, Jackson and all of their friends!
Sharon Y—donation to FFRC for Spikers birthday and for David Morgan
Kris M from MN—donation to FFRC—happy birthday, Spiker!
Janet/Jazz & Susan—2 cases of Fancy Feast
DonnaB in GA—donation for Coralie and Spiker!

Thanks to all of you who do your shopping from Amazon thru our website! For the month of May, FFRC just received $352.88!

David Morgan is doing fair after his mouth repair. He’s had a couple rough feeling days but last night he started eating better. He’s such a sweetie---so loves attention.

Rowland is recovering from his ear hematoma repair too.  His appetite is great. He received a good grooming yesterday.

We had 2 more adoptions---
Effie went to her new home. She is one of the white calicos. It was sweet to see her laying on her back in the little boys arm.
Finn, the newly arrived Flamepoint Ragdoll went to his new home too. I do think he hit the jackpot. He loved his past mama very much. His new mama is so ready to have Finn be her cat. And to add to that, she is home all the time. Finn will love following her around!

Something happened in the back Thumper’s Room.  It’s kitten-over-runneth.   We took on another litter of 7 kittens known as the Bruce litter. These kittens were found in a tie bag, in water, floating on debris. They are:

Betty Boots—ASH, brown tiger with white feet, chest & bib, female
Billy Boots—brown tiger, white feet, chest & bib, male
Estelle—brown tiger with ticking, slight torti, female
Smitty—dark orange, no white, whitish whisker pad, male
Storm—dark orange, no white, goldish whisker pad, male
Allman—ASH, orange/white, 4 wh feet & bib, whitish whisker pad, male
Anchor—ASH, orange/white, 4 wh feet & bib, goldish whisker pad, male

Remember the 7 littermates that we took in on 7/23. Those are known as the Rowdy litter.  Just as a refresher, they are: Kukisi, Darzin, Denise, Shelly, Sheila, Valley, Valentine.
We have lots of twins in these two groups of seven. Good luck remembering these names!

We also took in a few more kittens:
Patrick—white, male, born 5/22/17, 9 ½ weeks old. Was found by a volunteer
Aimee rocker—white, female born 2/20/17, 5 months old. Found by self on county road. Loaded with fleas
Gudrid—calico, female born 6/9/17, 7 wks old. Found by self. Thin, rt. Ear tip bitten off, sweet!

The above names are all from the Name a Cat list!  Many thanks.

Steve, myself and many of our family will be taking a day off to go to Cedar Point. We will be leaving Weds. Morning and coming back Thursday sometime. The volunteers have us covered. Connie D is doing breakfast on Thursday and Connie S will be caring for my mom.  All is good! Bring on the roller coasters!

 A special day yesterday! The Paddy Boys had their 7th birthday. Seems impossible they could be 7!  They had chicken in the morning and steak bits in the evening. Love those Paddy Boys!

Just wanted to give an update in regards to Pania. She has had two episodes this week where she spins in very tight circles and very disorientated.  After talking to Dr. Darch, she is now on half dose of PB twice a day. Her eye also seems to be bulging a tiny bit. We will get her to the vets sometime and have her eye pressure measured and her blood pressure taken.  She recovered quickly from these two episodes. Hoping there’s no more in her future.

Friday is our Flash Sale!  Lots of awesome items.  Mich and Vern will be here approximately 2:30 ish (we love those “ish’s”!  Thanks to all who provided the items for this sale! 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday, July 29, 2017

Where oh where has this month gone to?  Oh......I know where---with the kitties coming in and adoptions! All good things!

Our 2 surgeries yesterday went well.
David Morgan our new kitten with the lip droop is all sewed up and the lip looks good--back in place where it should be. He has pretty blue sutures around his lower incisors helping to hold the tissue in place. And then a button under his chin holding the wire in place that holds the gum line in place. He will sport that wire for 2-3 weeks. I wonder if the person who tossed this kitten out of the car even wondered about how he would land on his face?  Makes me wonder. matter. He is here and is safe. This is one exceptionally sweetie pie of a kitten. He almost turns himself inside out to be petted! Such a gorgeous dark orange boy.  David Morgan is already up in the Main Area.

Rowland had his ear hematoma repaired too yesterday. No tubes, so that is good. He has many sutures in the ear to keep it flat. His e-collar is removed and he went back to his Covie land this morning. He's much happier there!  We will take his sutures out in 12 days.  He received a good grooming before going back to the Cove.

This morning the door to both Thumper's Room was opened and the 7 new kittens in the back made their way up to the Main Area. They are doing good but will be put back in the Thumper's Room for the rest of the day. Then tomorrow we will do it again! And they  now have names!  Lots of kitty names to remember.
Kukisi--female, white and black
Valley--male, black
Valentine-- male, black, long fur
Denise--female, grey, long fur
Darzin--male, grey tiger, medium fur
Shelly--female, brown tiger
Sheila--female, brown tiger

Is your head spinning on all these names?! All but one name is from the Name a Cat list. Shelly and Sheila are identical so Sheila has a clip on the end of her fur on tail to make a "flat tail" to be able to tell the difference of these two girls. 

We had BOXES last night. We are so very grateful to you for your help!
Robert F - 4 tubs Clorox Wipes
Billy K - 2 6pks of Chicken, 6 pk of Tuna, 5 tubs Snackers 2 tubs Party Mix Snackers
Eaglewathcher/Beth - 2 cases Royal Canin Baby Cat
Pckrbckr Note for Kismit & Friends--  Fancy Feast Kitten, 18 cans Tuna, 24 cans Sardines, 2 Lg. cans Chicken and Magic Erasers
Volunteer Thursday Pat - 1 large Blankie, 1 soft Sherpa blankie, and 4 pretty towels.
Clark, Jesse & The Rest Happy 1st Birthday Spiker  July 28th 2016
Anony - Lg bag of Purina One, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Elaine & Alan FL - Bag of Precious Litter, 3 cases 24 ct Friskies, 1 case 32 ct. Friskies, 1 box appetizers, 1 box Fancy Feast
Bert & Jim S - OH  Lg bag cat food, 2 cases canned food, dishes and toys including a tunnel
Morgan C & Delaney P - Day visitors - Cat carrier and Bag of cat food
Jean A - Case of Blue Wilderness, 40 Sheba, Bag of Science Diet
Donna B - GA   Toys, 4 boxes appetizers, Tub of Party Mix

We also have these thanks to give:
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji-from the Netherlands--donation for Tyr and medical bills
Gusti--donation for blankie for Bonnie and Zelda
Billie K--donation to help with David Morgan & Rowland's surgeries

We had another adoption! Sweet little Tyr went to his new home. He will be joining a family of 3 CH cats--all siblings and about a year old. These 3 cats are playful and friendly. His new mama is very kind and Tyr thought she was very wonderful!  

Our website is  There is a huge amount of info in our website. You can see the FFRCphotos, videos, facebook and Derecho's Corner (to mention a few!) just by clicking! 

mark your calendar for next Friday afternoon! Mich and Vern will be coming to help with a fantastic Flash Sale! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weds evening, July 26, 2017

Such a busy week. We had 3 more adoptions.

Clover went to her new home on Tuesday.  She's been a much anticipated kitten for her new family but had to wait for her spay to be done.

Grishko was also adopted by our new Ohioan volunteer and friend, Donna. Donna took her home yesterday. I went over to visit and was so happy to see how quickly Grishko has fit in. She's all over the house, plays with the catnip toys and loves the patio doors. 

And then we had the adoption of Francis.  This one was actually not done on cam as it was a surprise for a teenager by her family!  This family had been here visiting when the teenager fell for Francis. He did his best to work on the heart by playing and being silly and it worked!  He was adopted Tuesday and went home to a surprised young girl! 

I've heard from The Idaho's new mama. Her new name is Asha. The picture sent shows three happy cats together! She looks very happy and has fit right in.

The 7 new kittens are still in the back Thumper's Room.  Mama is spayed and already at her home and the kittens arrived at FFRC.  We do not have names yet, but we do have other info on them!  They are 8 weeks old and their birthday is 5/28/17.  We have 1 female grey tiger, 1 male grey tiger long hair, 2 female brown tigers (yes, they are identical!), 1 male black long hair, 1 male black short hair and 1 white/black female.  Names will be coming soon.

We also took on a new adult. He is a 2 1/2 year old FlamePoint Ragdoll and is as soft as can be. His name is Finn. He came from a wonderful, loving home. Due to a family situation, he needed to be rehomed. He's a great cat, very loving, a loud purrer and so loves people.  He hasn't been around other cats but is learning already that the other cats aren't so bad! His birthday is 1/21/15.  Finn is  a handsome boy with a great personality. 

Many of you already know that we had taken back a past FFRC cat. He arrived with a severe flea infestation, serious dental disease and an injured eye. We were so hoping to help this boy become healthy again but it was not to be. I believe his pain from his dental problem was as bad a problem as was the severe anemia from the flea infestation.  Please..........take this cat's death and do something good with it. Check your cat. Check your family's cats.  If there's fleas, do something about it. Cats can NOT get rid of these bugs by themselves. While allowed to be on a cat (or dog) they feast on the blood of that pet. And if the numbers are great enough, they casue anemia that sometimes cannot be reversed. And remember.....for every 5 fleas seen on your pet, there is a HUNDRED in the home.  Help one deserves to die from a flea infestation.  If even one pet is saved from this preventable death, then this cat's death can be turned into something helpful. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening! Many thanks to you all.
Ros - UK - a pretty, soft kitty bed

Anony - Case of Fancy Feast & case of Fancy Feast Kitten

Butterfly Class in Belgium - Note from: SHBSRSHN & Teacher
Purple crocheted blankie for Derecho, 3 Butterflies on bamboo poles, 3 panel plaque of butterflies and Derecho, Easel and miniature canvas of portraits of our special needs kitties
Treasure box with Derecho, hearts & flowers, Hearts and Flowers Treasure box
Heart with butterflies, it says Follow your heart, Do great things with great love.

Debbie & Woody S - NC - Case of Purrfectly Chicken, Temptation snackers

Zoolove/Pam T - 4 bags Beyond food, case of Fancy Feast, bag of kitty toys

Gusti - Germany - 2 bags Precious Cat Littter

Anony - 10 bags of Snackers

Miranda - Bag of Catnip

Mayumi - Tokyo Branch - Note, Tulle Chicken Steaks, Chicken & fish sausage filled with Tulle

Jobear - Duck Card with 10 weight circles

Clark, Jesse & The Rest  Happy Birthday to Zelda, Debut, Lucas, Soy Boy, Timothy and Victor! 
$5 chicken for each of them to share with their friends!

Annette - MI  Donation

Don & Joy - Donation & weight circles

Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation

Fritziedr - donation for Catathon Derecho kisses

Julie & David UK - Happy 1st Birthday Spiker  

Kandy S - OH   Donation

Jean A - Case Blue Buffalo Wild, 40 cans Sheba & Bag of Science Diet

And here's a few more!
Gusti--donation to help with David Morgan's surgery
William K--donation to FFRC
Maite (our Spain friend)--donation for the Paddy Boys
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

We also took in another kitten.  His name is David Morgan and he is 8 weeks old. His birthday is 5/30/17. David Morgan is a very handsome deep orange tiger boy.  He obviously was tossed from a car and he has the well-known look of a very droopy lip.  When a kitten is tossed, they don't land on their feet. Normally they land on their face which causes the lower lip to be pulled way down. To prevent this much droopy lip, surgery is required to button it back in place. David Morgan went to the vet's today and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. He more than likely will return with a button on his lip. But....he's not going to mind it. He's a very sweet/loving boy.  Won't take long to get him in the Main Area!

Tomorrow our Covie boy Rowland will also be going up to the vet's for surgery.  He has an ear hematoma.  It started to go down but today it ballooned up again. He will go up tomorrow morning, have his surgery and will return here along with David Morgan. Rowland is 14 years old now and so extra precautions will be made due to his age. He's such a great cat!

Want to know something that I haven't mentioned yet?  We actually have had another adoption! Bonnie has been adopted. She is now Bonnie Moss. You see, that girl has always had me wrapped around her little tail ever since we lost her on the surgery table and revived her. She's a leg hugger and I love that about her. I whispered in her ear on Weds. that she is now known as a Moss! I had to get Zelda's approval first---she said it was ok as long as she (Zelda) still got my lap at the desk! So....a deal was made!  The deal being an extra snacker a day! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday was a great adoption day for FFRC.  We love adoptions! But...before an adoption can happen, many things are usually done first!  Vet references are checked, lots of questions and answers are done, going over the application form, being certain that each family and cat(s) are a good match. And then we have an adoption!  

Little The Idaho "Ida" left yesterday morning. She went with her new mama who had waited for Ida to have her spay day so she could go home.  Such a pretty little girl. Her new name is Asha!

And then Adalaide went to her new home. Her new mama is Mary Braid, our volunteer. Mary actually is the one who found her that dark night on a country road. She too waited a while till Adalaide would be big enough to be spayed. That's been a love connection from the very beginning!

And then Cara and Joanna went to their new home together! I've already seen pictures of these two kittens in their new home and all looks wonderful and happy. The kittens seem to have fit right in from the beginning!

We also have two new holds on babies--Tucker and Brenna. This kitten group is very little and will have to grow and gain weight before we can schedule their spay/neuter.  

We still have DJ, Zadie, Isabella Bird, Clover, Francis and Tyr on hold too.

We have thanks to give!
Jill R from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Jim B--donation to FFRC
Lucy O--donation for Seymour kisses
Kris M from MN--donation to FFRC for Derecho
Alice D and Lou from NJ--donation to be used where needed
Jose A--donation to FFRC
Heather H & kids--5 packs Lysol wipes, 1 big pack Twizzlers, case cat food.
Samanatha H--2 cat toys

I learn something new everyday! The Donate button on Ustream lets people donate $5 and can't be changed. But.....the PayPal link button on the web page can be changed to any amount!  I'd like to say a big thanks for those Donate Buttons--they truly help us.  Sometimes the donation goes towards medications, sometimes vaccines or disinfectants or a surgery. Every donation is important to us and much appreciated. 

Here it is........another giggle video coming up!  It's #9. A special thanks to Warren R (a friend of SonJa's) for the original composition "Swing for Kitteh".  Please check this video out--it's awesome. Click "like" too please if you enjoy it! Thanks so much.

We took in 7 new kittens.  They are in the back Thumper's Room and are just in the beginning stages of their check-ins.  They've been capstarred, wormed and tested. I know there are 4 girls and 3 boys (unless that changes after another look! lol)  These kittens make up one litter. Their mama has already been spayed! 

Keep on purchasing those Amazon items---whether it's for FFRC or for yourselves! Last month we received $409.97 from your orders! That's like free money to help us! Thank you very much. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another wonderful spay/neuter day! We had our HumaneOhio surgery day yesterday. We sent up 42 cats. The breakdown is 32 females and 10 males! Days like that sure makes me feel happy. We did 32 cats for the public and 10 kittens for FFRC.

This puts our total spays/neuters at 476. Last year this time we were at 320.  It's because of us doing two HumaneOhio events a month that is increasing the numbers.  

We were originally going to send up 8 kittens, but bumped it up to 10. They were: The Idaho, Clover, Jefferson, Jaam, Cara, Della, Braewyn, Olle, Emmasyne and Adalaide. All are doing wonderful and are bouncing around like nothing happened.

This morning, we moved the 13 kittens from the back room up to the Main Area. We will keep an extra watch on them as some of them are really smallish yet. Lucie is still in the back Thumper's Room but will be up to Kitty Campus Room or Cat's Corner Room very soon.  She sure loves those kittens and will nap with them! 

We used our new lights yesterday during check ins for surgery. It's dark yet at 5:30 and the new lights sure light up the area! makes our work easier---we can see better! And it lights up the sidewalk for the cat owners.

We have thanks to give!
Ray S--donation to FFRC
Conii--donation for FFRC and for Derecho
Vicki D--visitor--blankets and doggie charms
Carrie M--2 cases gatorade, case of big Friskies, 200 sm plates, 200 big plates, case of Friskies
Nona--2 cases KMR
Phil & Judy--2 cases baby food
Fulton Co. "Come Together" Group--PT, plates, toys, dry cat food, kitty litter, baby wipes, etc. 
Schinn--donation to be used wherever it is needed

Did you know you can go to our website and get lots of great info?  Our site is
If you go to the yellow bar and click on FFRC PHOTOS, you'll see tons of pictures of our FFRC cats.
If you go the yellow bar and click on OUR VIDEOS, you'll go to youtube and see hundreds of our videos.
If you go to the blue bar, click on ABOUT US, scroll down and you'll even see what goes on out in the farmyard! There's even a floor plan of FFRC there to see!
Lots of good info.

Yesterday we had two groups of young people here visiting FFRC.  It's always nice to know our community cares. 

We've had more adoptions!  On Tuesday, Cinnamon and Tex was adopted by Vaun, our visitor and mod. I've seen pictures and have had updates---both are doing very well and are adjusting quickly to their new home. They're keeping their new mama hopping!  Auntie Schinn helped supervise them part of their way home! 

We also had 2 more adoptions yesterday--Harry and Adare went to their new home with a mama and dad.  Adare picked them out himself when they visited the first time.  And Harry let them know he also wanted to go home with them. I do believe both are going to be very happy! Adare was the last of the Niners to be adopted and Harry was the first of Kismit's kittens to be adopted.

All is well here. We have  a happy, healthy bunch of kittens and cats. The energy level here is high. Lots of new names to learn! And still......more kittens will be coming in. Take care!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The back Thumper's Room is hopping and jittering and bouncing.  Those 13 kittens and Lucie are keeping that room vibrating. Hopefully will be bringing this crew up at the beginning of the week.  We now have the back Thumper's Room cam working again! Now you can watch some of their action. 

Tomorrow is HumaneOhio spay/neuter date. We have a full schedule! We are also going to send 7 kittens up tomorrow.  They are: The Idaho, Clover, Jefferson, Jaam, Cara, Della and Braewyn.  We are always excited about our spay/neuter days!

We have Thanks to give:
Pat D--donation to FFRC, in memory of Ginny, her grandcat
BillieK--donation to FFRC to help with Mama Cat's surgery & for chicken for the outside cats
Janet K--donation to FFRC (and from her Tacky, Max and Knikkie)
Francesca C from Italy--donation to FFRC
Anne L--donation in memory of Trucker

We've had 2 mods here visiting!  Schinn and Vaun. Among their goodies that they've brought to FFRC daily, I'd like to give thanks to Schinn for her Springy toys for Paddy Cakes, Party Mix for Paddy Purr, Bonito Flakes for the Covies and a play cube for Jones.  And to Vaun: 8 cases of 32 packs Friskies, 12 cases of 24 Friskies, 42 baby foods, 1 bag RC Baby Cat.   Many thanks to them for what they do for FFRC.

We've heard from the family that adopted Chester. He is well loved and considered a big asset to the family!

I've also heard from Deb B in regards to Arden, Merlin and Liza. All 3 are doing great and are happy.

Many of you know that our mod and friend, SonJa lost her dad a couple days ago. As always, our FFRCNation feels this loss for SonJa and shows their compassion to her and her family. Our moderators have made a donation for a leaf on our Tree of Giving. Many cam friends have donated to FFRC in honor of SonJa and in memory of her dad.  When she returns, SonJa and I will talk and share this information/names with her. 

We continue to knock off more items on our Goal List from Catathon.  We now have the 2 lights under the walkway between the screened in porch to the Porchie house and an extra light under the shelter house (both of these will benefit us when we do those early morning check ins for HumaneOhio).  Our wall in the dog room is cleared and ready for the incoming window when it arrives.  

The kittens and cats are happy and healthy and forever eating! I've never seen kittens eat as much as these rascals.  It really is quite amazing. 

Mama Cat Calico continues to get her ear meds but she is starting to be watchful of the windows and doors. I'm sure she's starting to miss being with her FireHouse friends.  Little Tyr is doing wonderful with his leg amputation. What a whiz of a fast cat he is.  We were going to send Marilyn up today to Dr. P's for her spay/umbilical hernia repair. But....she's just a lightweight yet and would like to get another couple ounces on her before this extended surgery. 

We had another adoption. Sudsy Sue went to her new home with Pablo, a volunteer. The pictures I've received shows a very happy kitten! She is keeping Keana company!

53 more days to Catstock!  Lots of upcoming info for you all soon!